July 1998, A leak in the dam around Wales, Miner Perkins

I saw a giant wall like a mix between a castle wall and a dam wall all around the country of Wales. And Wales itself was filled with water up to the top of the wall. Walking around on the wall were demons guarding the wall and checking it for leaks, making sure that none of the water got out. Then I saw a hole form into a crack in the wall, and then water began seeping out.

The demons guarding on the top of the wall began to go into a panic as the water began running out through the wall, making the hole bigger and bigger at a very fast rate. Then I was up above the continent of Europe looking down on it like a map, and I saw from the nation of Wales a giant wave of water that rushed across the entire continent of Europe like a flood.

February 2018, No more damming up the wells, Amanda Clegg

No more damming up the wells!!!
No more damming up the wells.

The dam has been broken, the waters have been released, no more stopping up the flow of my anointing upon my people. The fiery axe is at the root and ready to chop off all the dross, all the false shepherds will be scattered and the anointed brought fourth to inherit the land promised to their forefathers and children's children, to the third and fourth generation of those who love me and keep my commandments, to loose the hand of the oppressor that's been damming up the wells of my anointed ones.

Break forth my children into song, songs of redemption and joy, hear the battle cry of my people, hear the lion of Judah roar, in the distance listen to it getting near, the sound is reverberating around the nations, it's calling to His chosen, even the lost sheep of Israel. Deep calls to deep and the earth will be scattered of all that are not of Me, and all that hasn't been ordained by Me, time of scattering to now bring in the seeds of the harvest , the ripeness is so tender and so sweet, a freshness and a outpouring above all that you can measure up and count.

It will not be by man's hand but by my Spirit says Yahweh!!! The I heard the Lord say as I sat down, THIS IS A KAIROS MOMENT!!!!
That means the right, the critical or opportune moment!!!
We are in a kairos moment saints, get ready for the end time harvest. Halleluyah

July 2017, It Is Time, Janice Bell

It is time to take the land.
We have spied the land (this is where we live, circumstances, situations, relationships, places the Lord is leading us into) and seen the many blessings of God that are available to us, (healing, fruitfulness, provision, freedom, opportunities and so much more) but we have also spied the giants in the land, (giants of fear, negativity, lack including faith and trust).
It is time to overcome the giants and be able to receive the blessings of the Lord.
It is time to position ourselves in humility and pray and seek His face
It is time for consecration - to pray like King David: Search me, O God, and know my heart; try me and know my anxious thoughts; and see if there be any hurtful way in me, and lead me in the everlasting way.
It is time for a people to rise up from this position of victory with conquering attitudes of courageous warriors who are willing and ready to fight
It is time for a people to rise up with the same spirit as Caleb and Joshua
It is time to be like Caleb and Joshua who saw the possibilities or the opportunities that were ahead of them instead of focusing on the negative.
It is time to have complete trust in God to help us succeed.
It is time to believe as Caleb and Joshua that God will do as He has promised.
It is time for us to know that the Lord is with us and to consider our enemies as already defeated
It is time to recognize that the battle is already won.
It is time to wholeheartedly serve the Lord
It is time to ask the Lord for the different spirit, like Caleb that will cause us to go beyond surviving to receiving the inheritance promised through the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ
It is time for us to live in resurrection life
It is time to live as heirs, priests and kings to the Most High God.
It is time for us to function from our place of being seated in Jesus in the heavenly realms.
It is time for the people of God to believe, we can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens us.
It is time!

March 2017, Wales covered in mist of God's glory, Fredia Hanson

I will cover Wales with the mist of My Glory. Once more, the land shall see My rainbow everywhere they look. My promise to My people is more than not being destroyed, but a promise of the future with Me. I will raise up My seeds in this barren land, to go forward and replenish the land with My presence.

Those who are planting the seeds and interceding will see the fruit of their labor. As they have walked in obedience so shall they reap in abundance. The tidal wave has started to move, the beaches are being prepared for war, and the battle is at hand.

The victory is not to be dismissed and put aside. The time is here for the prize to remain in full vision of the world, there will be no compromising again.

The kingdom will rise to its fullest potential and overcome the earth. All those who resist will perish and I will prevail as in the days of James, John, Paul, and Peter. Do not forsake your mission. Go forth for the prize is already won.

January 2016, Wales - A Hidden treasure, Steven Jones

Wales is a hidden treasure that has received an outpouring of the Holy Spirit even though it is the least of the least. My favor is upon you and you will once again shine with My glory as you break forth in Holy Revival. It is ordained by Me and I will do that which I decree and declare.

So I speak to My prophets, decree and declare the Welsh revival that I now send. Proclaim it upon the mountain tops, in the cities, and in the byways. For I send forth My Spirit to ignite Holy Flames that will touch and effect the whole earth. Wales is My chosen servant who sings forth My praise and who worships Me in spirit and in truth. So lift up your voices Welshmen, sing the wonders of My name and My great works. Receive the truth and declare righteousness in your land and watch as it flows like a tsunami across your borders and over the waters to other cities, states, nations, and continents.

Do not try to emulate or compare this move of the Spirit with any past revivals. This revival is unlike any other in purity, holiness, and power. Miracles and healings, signs and wonders, will become commonplace, not to you viewing them as a common work, but as to frequency they will occur almost constantly. For I do a new work in you, and though My goal is not to astound you, you will be astounded.

My goal is not to entertain you but to build you up an army that goes forth doing the works that I did, and greater works than these. It pleases My Father to choose you as one of those sheep nations that will do His will and allow the world to see that He is truly Almighty God and that Satan is minuscule in comparison.

I am raising you up as those who went before Jehoshaphat who won the battle for Judah by praising and exalting Me. It is time for true worship to come forth from My church. True worship that terrorizes the enemy and releases My glory in waves of unquenchable and unstoppable majesty. The earth has never seen My majesty like it will in these last days. But this I have chosen before I laid the foundations of the earth.

So repent of every sin and the weights that beset you, hinder you, and torment you. Remove your idols from your land. Be the holy people of God I have called you to be and do that which I have called you to do. Awaken Wales. Put off your slumber.

Rise up in My love and reveal My goodness to Scotland, Ireland, and England. Awaken, the appointed time has come. Go forth with My invasion army that flows from Scotland into Europe. So rise up and awaken the rest that My love will be revealed to an entire continent and then to the world. Rise up. Your time is now. RISE UP.

August 2016, Redeeming everything about this nation, Yinka Oyekan

So I'm traveling into Newport when the Lord speaks to me and says, "I'm going to redeem everything about this nation even the emblem of the dragon." I almost slammed on the breaks, "what!!!" Then the Lord said "I'm going to strip Satan of everything, the Lion is mine, the eagle is mine, the bull is mine and man is mine, and guess what Yinka, I'll even redeem the emblem of the dragon, for it does not belong to Satan, he just stole the emblem and wrapped himself with it. Son, Wales will be once more a sign and wonder to the nations, religious spirits will be confounded, not understanding the full extent of my redemptive powers. Where they see the emblem of Wales they will think of my ability to save."

August 2016, God is bringing back His glory, Veronica West

This is a recent word God gave me for Wales, it seems like God is speaking over this land in this hour.


So a few nights ago I was taken back into a spirit encounter that I had a few months ago, but this time I was shown the land of Wales.
And I heard the Spirit say, "In this hour and season I am uncapping the ancient Wells of Remembrance, Revival and Restoration in this land, and its mighty waters shall break forth upon the whole Nation. My Redemptive, Regenerative and Resurrection Power is now flowing forth as mighty River of Awakening to bring to REMEMBRANCE MY COVENANT AND TO CAUSE MY PEOPLE TO RETURN TO THEIR FIRST LOVE, THAT THEY MAY REPENT OF THEIR SIN AND TURN FROM THEIR WICKEDNESS, WATCH! FOR A GREATER MEASURE OF MY GLORY IS COMING TO THIS LAND, TO RESTORE, TO REVIVE, TO REDEEM AND TO REBUILD THE ANCIENT RUINS", says God.

Then again I saw three Ancient Wells that sprung up from the ground; the first Well I saw was called 'REMEMBRANCE'.
And I heard the Spirit say, "Wales 'REMEMBER' the heights from which you have fallen, and 'REPENT' and do the works you did at first otherwise, or I will visit you and remove your lamp-stand from its place, unless you 'REPENT'..!
Then I saw a second Well and it was called 'REVIVAL', again I heard the Spirit say, "Wales, If My people, who are called by My name, humble themselves, pray, seek, crave, and require of necessity My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal and 'REVIVE' their land"

Then just as before, I saw a third Well which came up from the ground and it was called, 'RESTORATION', And the Spirit said, "Wales Watch, For I will 'RESTORE' to you the years that the locusts have eaten, the cankerworm, caterpillar and the palmerworm".

And Just like in the first encounter, again I saw three rivers, each river flowed forth from the mouth of an ancient Well, as I continued to watch, the Holy Spirit began to show me that both Prophetically and Apostolically that Wales has now entered into a Kairos moment in time, this is an appointed time for KINGDOM ACTION AND KINGDOM ADVANCEMENT in the land of Wales. I prophesy, Wales, there will be SUDDEN and unprecedented move of God in the land, it will be an outpouring of His Grace and Glory, Heaven is kissing Earth, I Declare over Wales, IT IS HARVEST TIME!

Then I saw in the spirit a divine convergence taking place over Wales, and I heard these words, "The waters of Great Awakening are now Rising, for what I am about to do is imminent", says God"...!
Suddenly I felt a power surge of anointing and spiritual energy wash over me and through me, my whole being was instantly ignited and illuminated, again I heard the Spirit speak, "My River of Living Waters now brings forth divine Activation, Acceleration and Kingdom Advancement to the land of Wales in this hour, the waters of Awakening are rising, rising, rising in the land, the force and power of the waters current will move, shake, shift and lift the dark spiritual atmosphere that is hovering and covering the whole Nation", says God.

Then suddenly I saw a very large tidal Wave coming out of Wales, I saw its waters rise high into the air causing a powerful ripple effect that went forth across the whole Nation, I watched closely as wave after wave of His Glory and Power broke forth upon the land touching all four corners of the United Kingdom, I saw the North, the South, the East and the West of the Nation being flooded and saturated by the fast flowing and fast rising Waters of Awakening.

Then my eyes were quickly drawn back to the land of Wales, where I saw the finger of God begin to write upon the heart of the land, and written in gold I saw Him write these words, “GLORIOUS REVOLUTION”, and immediately I began to Prophesy, "WALES I SEE THE BIRTHING OF A GLORY REVOLUTION RISING UP IN THE LAND, I SEE A MIGHTY ARMY OF RADICAL REFORMERS MOVING AND ADVANCING IN GREATER POWER AND KINGDOM AUTHORITY, FOR THE SPIRIT OF MIGHT AND POWER IS NOW

May 2016, Seeds of revival in the ground are waiting for prayer, Elaine Price

I see a picture of Wales and below the surface of the land into the earth. It is rich soil but the unusual thing about it is that it contains multitudes of seeds in the earth below.
These seeds are of the people involved with the Revival’s of the past in Wales – from the last Revival of 1904 and previous ones too from the 17c to the 20c. There are many, many seeds in the ground – dormant, resting in the soil of this land. Pray for these seeds to grow. It’s our prayers their waiting for ‘I’m longing to hear your prayers Oh Wales rise up in unity together and pray. English and Welsh together’
I now see flowers all over and covering the land of Wales  beautiful yellow flowers.

The Israelites who came out of Egypt were a mixed multitude. They crossed the River Jordan led by Joshua and entered the promised land, a land of milk and honey.   They hadn’t personally been there before, but it was their inheritance a land allocated to them by God. The land and the people go together. 
This was the very same place where Elijah the prophet and Elisha crossed the Jordan river where Elijah was taken up to heaven in the chariot of fire and Elisha picked up his mantle.

This was also the very same place that years later John the Baptist was baptizing people in the Jordan river and Jesus asked him to baptize him and He consequently started His ministry from there.
God often moves in exactly the same places as before. The same is true of Wales, and as He has done in times past He will do again in the same places, because the seeds of our forefathers are still here in this land.

"Oh land, once blest and used so mightily in the past I have not forgotten you and for the sake of your forefathers I am ready to move mightily amongst you once again. I will bless you again - the whole of Wales from the mountains to the valleys including the Islands, every part of it. It’ll spread again to other Nations. It’ll be a mighty move of my Spirit."

Many of you have personal seeds in the ground some from ages past and some of latter years – those seeds are still in the ground lying dormant. Visions you’ve seen that you’ve laid down and almost forgotten.  They are waiting for the fullness of time. The time is now. Pray – now is the time.

Wales is known as the land of Revival and the land of song – the seeds are still in the ground waiting. Look and ‘see’ this beautiful land full of yellow flowers blossoming, blowing in the wind of my Spirit. – My Spirit is hovering, waiting. Pray to me Oh my people. 
I will come like the gentle refreshing rain like the former rain and the latter rain – for now.
The seeds of the songs are also in the ground – ‘Sing Oh my people, Heaven itself is waiting for the songs to arise – out of the bedrock of this Nation, old songs, Welsh songs. I will revive them again saith the Lord’
‘There’s a stirring going on especially among the Welsh speaking young people- that’s of me – saith the Lord’ 

Other Nations are also carrying the seeds of the Welsh Revival from Missionaries that went out from Wales  to India, Africa and Korea, Asuza St etc …..  
Many are coming back carrying these precious seeds to say "Thank you" and to bless us.

February 2016, Intercession is required NOW for a move of God, Steve Mooney

In my mind's eye I saw the land of Wales being broken open. It was coming from the coast and it was coming across from west to east, and the land was breaking open. And as I saw this picture, it was like I saw through when Roy said earlier, "this is the year for Wales.

And what I saw was a very big angel blowing like a trumpet. He was blowing a small ram’s horn with sharp blasts, with short blasts. And also what happened is I saw this word, the word was "intercession". And what I felt was simply that God was saying, that there is an imminent move of God going to break out in Wales. It was just so real that God is going to release something this year, but He needs intercession.

I don't know what intercession is, I used to think I knew what intercession meant, like I used know what I thought revival was. Actually I don't know, but the word is revival in Wales. I believe it is connected to the land, and there is the song that’s being released.

But God is requiring people in intercession. And I know that there are people here who have been brought here to Wales. We know some people... But it's like now is the time. And when Roy shared that this morning I just thought, "Wow, wow, wow!" It's so exciting. God is going to do something!

September 2015, Year of Jubilee for Wales - Rick Ridings

Lord as we prepare to come to the end of what is called a Shemitah Year, in the understanding of most, a year of letting the land go fallow, to restore and redeem the land, we come to the Jubilee Year. So we proclaim today over Wales a Jubilee Year! Let this be a year of reclaiming all that the enemy has stolen. Let it be a year of returning all that has been lost or has been stolen or taken away in any way whatsoever. Let this be a Jubilee Year. Let it be a year of freedom, a year of reclaiming inheritance.

So we thank you Lord for a generation that will build upon this great inheritance. Not only just look back at it as something wonderful that You did, but to look at it as something wonderful that You did and are able to build upon and to take further. So we declare today over Wales, "Wales, this is a Year of Jubilee! This a year of freedom! This a year of restoration! This is a year of redemption! This is a year of reclaiming that which the enemy has stolen!"

We thank you Lord for the wonderful concept of this Year of Jubilee in the scriptures, and we thank you Lord that it is something that we are grafted into as gentiles. We're grafted into this rich root and part of that rich root is the understanding that You are a God who restores, who redeems, who reclaims, who cuts off that which the enemy has done, which seems to be cycles of evil and difficulties.

But You break those cycles and there can be new beginnings - jubilee means new beginnings and breaking of old cycles. So we proclaim over the families represented in this room a breaking of any kind of wrong cycles, or repetitive cycles of sin, or repetitive cycles of family relations breaking apart, or whatever the enemy has stolen in each of those areas.

We proclaim over these families today - Jubilee.
We proclaim over this state - Jubilee.
We declare over the Bible College - Jubilee.
We declare over Wales - Jubilee.

Jubilee ... Jubilee... This is a year of the Lord's favor. This is a year of the Lord's restoration, a year of the Lord's redemption. And the redemption of this property is simply a sign from You, Lord. That it would come right at this time, right at the time of Jubilee, is a sign from You, oh God, that You have a plan for Wales that is not finished.

Greater things are yet to come. Greater things are still to be done. We thank you Lord for the wonderful heritage, the wonderful past that has blessed all of our lives so deeply. But we thank you Lord You've not blessed us to just sit around and talk about the blessing, You've blessed us to go forth with the blessing and be a blessing to the nations.

And we declare that Wales will once again be a great blessing to the nations. Wales will once again be a great blessing to the nations. Wales will once again have fresh songs of Life and Revival coming forth that will go forth into the nations and bless those nations. We declare this Year of Jubilee over Wales.

Wales, this is your time, this is your hour, this is your Jubilee! Arise Wales! Arise into your destiny! Arise into your calling! Build upon the rich past to go forth into the future and into the purposes, to not stop short of the full purposes of God. Not to bring forth just 30-fold or 60-fold or even 90-fold, but to bring forth the 100-fold that God has planned for Wales.

Let it come forth, we say. Let it come forth in the Mighty Name, in the power of the Lord Jesus, of Yeshua, who is Lord of the Jubilee. Who is the Lord who redeems, who restores, who reclaims. We thank You for this oh Lord, in the mighty name of Jesus, in the mighty name of Yeshua. Amen.

October 2013, A Visitation of Righteousness - Time to Pray, Darren Brown

Tuesday this week has been quite remarkable. The Spirit spoke to me on a number of occasions. I had to go to a little Welsh Village called Pontardawe to drop off a new tablet with one of my customers. Since the Black Mountains were only 10 mins away from the customer, I had already decided to go there afterwards to pray.

On the way to my customer, the Spirit gave me a vision. As I was driving I could see a huge white blanket up in the sky, as far as I was able to see. It went beyond the horizon. This white blanket started to slowly descend towards the ground until it reached the level of my head. As soon as it touched people going about their daily business, their normal clothes were replaced by robes whiter than snow. Everyone whom the blanket descended upon was changed like this until all that I could see were in white. I knew the Spirit was speaking to me about another visitation to the land. I heard Him speak, saying "The blanket is called 'Righteousness' and I will yet again cover this whole land with Righteousness!" I continued to make my way to the customer's home.

Just before I left the customer, I explained what my plan was regarding going to the Black Mountains so they could tell me the best way to get there, and where to park once I had arrived. As I was about to leave, the customer said "Wait there!" and wandered off into the kitchen. He came back with a bottle of water for me straight from the fridge, saying "You better take this, you will need it!". I thanked him, quietly thanking God for His provision in my mind.

On the way I couldn't help noticing about 7 chapels, most of which were derelict and had been boarded up as the windows were broken and unsafe. I stopped and took a few photos of them, noticing as I did so that the dates seemed to be around 1904-1905 or just before. I knew that these buildings were erected as a result of the previous revival in 1904. My heart sank and I had a lump in my throat. It is so sad.

Once I had reached the car park, I proceeded to climb the mountain. There was no clear path and I ended up walking between rocks but just headed in the right direction, to the top. Half way up I had to stop and rest. Whilst sitting, there perched on a smooth dry rock drinking the water that the customer had given me, I was suddenly startled by the sound of heavy horses hoofs. I quickly jumped up and rushed around, looking behind me from where I heard the heavy sound come from. Nothing was there! My heart was pounding as I knew I had heard a horse galloping towards me! I then heard the Spirit speak to me again, saying "It is Me, I am coming to visit this place again. The horse that you heard is whiter than snow, and his name is called righteousness. Tell My people to be prepared for My arrival.  I will again ride through this land with righteousness!". I was astounded, I did not hear this horse in my imagination, but physically with my ears, I almost felt the ground shake.  I gathered my nerves after this incident and continued to climb the hill. As I reached near the top, I heard the Spirit speak a third time. He directed me towards a small rock. I made my way to it. Once there, He directed me to a second rock sticking up in the distance. I headed for that one, not being able to see past it. Once I had reached it, I heard Him direct me to a third rock. I knew it was Him, I recognised His voice. I walked up to the third rock and as I reached it, I beheld an astonishingly beautiful sight. I saw the Welsh valleys below me, spread out all around. The fields looked like a patterned quilt. I saw small villages scattered all over, white farms and a big quarry. In the distance I could see the sea, and the coast of Devon on the other side of the estuary. I could see the banks of the river Loughor as it reached inland towards my new hometown. It was then that I heard the Spirit speaking to me yet again...

"Tell My people to pray! Tell them to pray like they have never prayed before!". I was then convicted about my own prayer life. I replied that I found it so hard to pray at times. "Lord, even this morning I planned to get up and pray when my alarm went off but I yet again failed, turning the alarm off and staying in my nice warm bed! I’m so sorry!" I then said that I had come here to pray today and this is what the Spirit responded with...

"Yes!... And You started to climb this mountain because you knew you could reach the top. Your prayer life is like this mountain! You were not able to see the top yet you still knew it was there waiting for you! As you started to climb, you got tired. The higher you climbed, the more tired you got, to the point that you had to stop for a rest. But you continued! As you reached near the top, you could feel the wind blowing against you. You still could not see the top. But you knew it was reachable. You fought with the wind as I directed your path towards that first stone. You did not turn left or right but persevered towards it as you knew it was reachable. I did not show you the destination as if you had seen it so early, you would have given up. I am your stone. Make Me your focus! Push towards ME! One step(ping stone) at a time! When you pray, you are going against every grain of the flesh. It is like the wind. Don't give up! The higher you go, the harder it will be. But you will eventually reach your goal, and when you do, the view of My creation will astonish you! This message is for you, and for My people!" I instantly wanted to fall to the ground and weep there and then. I stayed up there for a while, praying over the valleys that He was showing me, praying over the lives of those who lived in them, asking Him to quicken His visit and touch the people of this land.

On the drive back home, I went past a pub. It's name was The Travellers' Well. I stopped and took a photo. The Spirit finally said to me that this land would yet again be a well of living water, rising up and overflowing over the land. Travellers would visit from the 4 corners of the world to see what God is able to do, they will drink the waters of revival and His living waters would reach out far and wide, touching the 4 corners of the globe...

Those that can hear, please weigh this up with God’s word and listen to what the Spirit is saying!

September 2013, A new quickening of power across Wales, Chuck Pierce

I say to you I am bringing a new quickening of power across Wales. Get ready, for a quickening power, that will cause the birth of heaven to come down into the atmosphere of this nation, is now being released. I say to you even the next 6 months, that which I have conceived in the last 3 will now begin to open up and mature. I say to you this is your quickening time and during the day and especially through the night, My people throughout this land will be crying day and night for Me to come. And I say to you get ready, for I will surprise you at the gates of this nation. Now as we worship let the bowls fill up and be poured out. I decree right now there’s a filling going on in heaven, so a pouring out can occur, in this nation.

You have said do it again Lord, but I say a generation is arising that are hungry after Me. A generation that will go beyond the stories that they’ve heard in the past, and the history of a land where heaven and earth have kissed.

And I say this generation which you’re a part of; even some of you who are 80 plus, I say three generations will now arise in this land and see Me move in a new way. I say to you, I want to begin new and fresh. Even though I have come before, I say it is not that crossing over for this season, but I, instead of doing again, will now begin. For I say an angelic host have been waiting, and many have come, but now they stand positioned in the land, ready to say who will go with Me into this season ahead.

I say many houses have gone awry. And many families have gone astray during this season of wandering in this land. But I say I have come to repair the door of the house of My people in this land of Wales. And I say, if you will allow me to repair the door of your house, you will come out and help Me repair the door of My house, and then you will build an altar new and fresh in this land. I say, it is that altar that I am calling for in this hour, so that My incense and fragrance, that is dwelling in this land, will arise and be smelled by Me, and be filled, and what wasn’t coming into fullness in one season, I will pour out in fullness in another season.

I say to you I am very near to you. I am nearer to you now than you have known. I say the very ground you have been walking on has been crying out, saying, we long to have the glory come, and to be used again to build a new altar in this land. And I say I have heard the cry of the land, and now a people are responding, and saying we are ready to build.

And the Lord says to you, I have been waiting for you to pour yourself out to Me again. It is you I’ve been waiting and watching for. And I say now, I see a people in this land who say we are ready not to hold back any longer, but to pour out again, and give You the best of this land.

I saw, 6 months ahead, where there were sealed doors in the heavenly realm. 6 doors. Man had sealed these doors up. All of a sudden, I could see those 6 doors, I could see why they had been sealed for 100 years. And I actually could see, it was like a 100 year war that had gone on in the heavenlies below. And God had sealed the door because of the warfare that had been above this land. But all of a sudden, when we hit that song, one of the doors, the seal had started to melt on it, I could see it. And as we hit that song, that door started coming open. And I could see behind the door.

Now, the Lord says to you, the next 6 months for this land is key. The next 6 months your worship is key. And I think you should worship the way you're accustomed to worshipping, in places like this wonderful place we're in. But I also think you should find strategic times to just come together in worship. Where you come here and you begin to worship, and you worship until you feel the Spirit of God is satisfied. And the moment you finish, that door is going to start coming open, and what got sealed up a 100 years ago will now be opened and the prophetic anointing will start stirring over this land and you will speak a thing and that warfare that's been in the heavenlies over this land will not be able to stand in resistance against the Word that God's going to bring down to activate the next move.

Word for Wales Chuck Pierce 19 Sep 2013 Swansea City Temple

January 2013, Tremors and quakes in the Spirit, Dustin Crites (USA)

A tsunami of God's presence is racing toward the shores of your nation.  Tremors and quakes in the Spirit are creating wave after wave to crash against the strongholds of those that oppress you.  The intercession that you are offering up is weakening the base of these structures.  God will come i like a flood and destroy the throe of the "imposter" that has enthroned himself.

He is beginning to awaken hearts and minds to the reality of the Spirit and the importance He will play to the total victory of these battles.  Our King is sending assignments and royal decrees all across the world to your brothers and sisters.  They will begin actively engaging in warfare and intercession with you until you see victory.

He is activating a new "breed" of people.  A people dedicated to the Master and His Holy Kingdom.  They will move as one body.  They will not defile themselves with the ungodliness that the world has embraced.  They hang on every word from the Master's mouth, eagerly awaiting their next assignment.  They do not fear the ancient ones that have enshrined themselves in our governments, our schools, our homes, and our churches.  He is activating a people to come against an entire religious system that has lasted nearly since the foundation of the Earth.  They have been assigned to see the demise of Babylon and all the demonic strongholds she has built. 

Do not fear.  The Lord is watching and He has taken account of all those that have come against you.  Remain strong and steadfast in the face of the enemy.  Do not turn and run.  Stand and resist and he must flee.  But more importantly, SUBMIT yourself to the King for your victory is nigh.  Praise be to our King and Lord.  It is by His mouth that kingdoms rise and fall.  ALL GOVERNMENT rests on His shoulders.  We are standing with you, my brothers and sisters.  Amen.

Sept 2012, The hour of prayer has come to Wales...

A significant prophetic word was released by Dr. Willie Soans at the Powys Prayer Conference in early September of this year. He had kept the word for a year prior to God allowing him to release it in Wales. The reference comes from Acts3:1-8. Peter and John went to pray at the 9th. hour - the hour of prayer. The hour of prayer has come to this nation. God has now opened a window over this nation which is called the hour of prayer. You have come into a place prophetically when God is going to hear your prayer. It is a prophetic window that has opened and it is the hour, it is the time, it is the season. If you walk in obedience God will hear your cry and do mighty things. This is the hour of prayer, I will hear you and make the lame walk. 9th. hour is hour of miracles. 9th. hour opens our eyes to the things God wants us to see. There are many people at the gate. You must bring them from lameness to life.

Jun 2012, The Floodgates Opening, Darren Brown

I looked up and saw a huge set of scales spanning miles over the countryside, which was parched and dry, the ground cracked in places. On one end of the scales was a giant bucket labelled 'Spirit'. On the other end was another bucket labelled 'Flesh'. The Lord showed me that there was a large hole in the bucked labelled 'Flesh'. All of a sudden it started to rain. The bucket labelled 'Spirit' started to fill up and as it did so, the scales began to drop on one side with the weight of the water.

As the rains continued, the other end of the scales started to rise and continued to do so until finally touching Heaven. At this point I saw immense floodgates open, followed by a loud rush of water. Then great waterfalls of water fell onto the ground. The cracks disappeared and in their place, great shoots started to push up through the ground forming green fields of lush grass as far as the human eye can see.
I then saw multitudes of sheep grazing on the grass until their bellies were full, to the point were they were laying down and resting in contentment.

The Lord showed me that the set of scales is us and the sheep is the lost. God will bring justice to His people through us... but we should not try and repair the hole in the bucket labelled 'Flesh' (Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit saith the Lord!) because it will always be there. We need to go back to basics, back to the old fashioned altar on our knees and pray for the rain in our own lives and walk in the Spirit so that this 'bucket' gets filled. The rest, God will take care of.

June 2012, Wales is for Worship-Gathering and Sending, Ross Jones

WALES is made for worship… a nation of worship and a nation of great
voice. Begin to mark the boundaries of your nation, begin to have a
time of praise and worship on the border of your towns and on the
boundary’s, marking the territory, setting up 'no trespassing' signs
for the enemy Re: the bells (Beni Johnson prophecy) this area is like
the alarm clock. It has the ability to sound a wakeup call, to bring
forth a sound that can be heard for great distances. Release of
musicians (a band going to travel the nations). Called to the nations

WALES is a place of great safety, a welcoming home for many in the place.
It is a sending and receiving base.

WALES is a place where God is gathering the nations for the outpouring
of His Spirit, that in turn WALES will be a Nation that has an ability
to touch the nations. You will need to call for help to reach our
foreign European Backsliders, who will come back to Me by having the
Spirit of evangelism upon them, speaking the truth when faced with the
demonic even though they are not walking with God themselves!
I will reveal myself to them in ways you have never seen before.

There is a gifting in this place to be continually young at heart...
There is a gifting in this place to be continually young at heart with
an energy that defies all logic. Churches that have been here for
years will be rejuvenated. This is a place that can give new birth, to
release new ministry, vision etc. It is not rooted in the past, it is
a 'today' nation, and we need to call Wales into (her) its destiny.
Whatever is in the ancient past is not holding this place back.
Education was birthed out of the church, schools and universities are
going to flourish…there's an anointing and there's a favour that I
will put upon these things Renewal is going to come to Wales through
the educational establishments Training of young people across
churches There will be a strong focus on young children and families
in this place (and then the lord said parent and toddler groups).

Healing Wells
There are holy wells here: 'the healing waters are going to flow again'
Wales is in the balance
Wales is a nation that is almost persuaded
Wales is a nation that is almost persuaded: we have to be a people
that are fully persuaded in our own selves if we’re going to affect
another group of people that are only partially persuaded.

This has been a place where there's been separation and division and
double-mindedness, making people look confused at times and making
people even depressed at times and causing people to start many things
and finish little. You can't just deal with the fruit: God is calling
this nation to go to the root.

Numbers 10:1-10 - God is bringing clarity of sound which will not
bring confusion… needs to be a marrying of action with the call. In
the past the trumpet has been blown but no action has been taken and
that brought about a people who are unsure, not willing and undecided.
As the action is married with the call the people will start to fill
the shoes of those callings that God is putting in place. It will be
while you are at work and in the field; at home and in school that
God's anointing will hit you.

The church will go through a period of travail; we need to ask for
strength and maturity to not settle for early signs but bring to
completion the work started.

Numbers 1v2: the Spirit of God is now walking amongst the people and
churches and there is a marking and counting going on, a census is
being taken. God is finding those people who are ready to go to war,
that are ready to say 'I don't want to co-habit with what the enemy is
doing, I'm not willing to settle for second best, I'm not willing to
settle for a part of the vision I want it all'. God is looking for
people willing to go to war - to be willing to take the kingdom.

There will be a team of prophetic intercessors, blockbusters,
safecrackers - the A team. Wales is a HUB. The unity of the leaders at
the centre of the wheel must be supported underneath by intercession.

Moments and mind-sets: If the move of God doesn't look as we expect we
could miss it. There is a call to humility and the laying down of our
reputation, expectations, agendas and ambitions.

Jan 2012, Fires Springing Up in Wales, Judy Boyd

At place of 24/7 praise & worship, about 10:10am, a couple I had never seen before, sat beside me. I welcomed the woman & asked where they were from & she said, "The U. K.." I instantly saw a vision of the UK in the cupped hands of the Lord God of Israel. He was smiling with such a look of tender love at the UK in his cupped hands.

As I my eyes were focused on the UK. I saw fires springing up in Wales & going up north to Scotland & all down the eastern border & down south into England & back up to Wales--even Northern Ireland was bordered with flames of fire. The fires burning all around the borders of the UK then moved into the center & became a huge pillar of fire that then began to send long arms to all the countries north, east, south, & across the Atlantic to the west.

I KNEW what I was seeing and told the lady, "God has not forgotten the UK, for His fires of revival are going to spring up once again, mightier than before & once again she is going to be sending her people all over the world with the truth of Jesus, like she did in her past. This is the word of the Lord from Jerusalem, & you can COUNT on it, for it WILL come to pass!!!"

Jan 2012, The Sound of Voices Crying Out, from Ruth in Israel

My beloved Welsh people. I sit in my little apartment in Ashkelon, Israel and just weep over this email about a stirring of the Holy Spirit in Wales.
May you be mightily moved to prayer and may your voices again be raised in song. May the Holy Spirit brood over you even as the fog hovers over your hills and valleys.
May the old men dream dreams and the young men have visions and may your sons and daughters prophesy again.
May the passionate prayers of your forefathers be answered and the 3rd and 4th generations be stirred to be mighty men and women of God.
Listen, can you hear that sound? Ttis the sound of many waters - 'tis the sound of voices praying and crying aloud to God for another mighty visitation

And I can tell you that as sure as I sit here and weep and type, that there will indeed be a visitation that will shake the nation. You shall again have such anointed choirs singing that people will be broken and moved upon as they listen to you sing. Your young people will be burning fires going all over spreading the fires of revival - faster than a forest fire - mightier than a hurricane - swiftly will they run and all will be consumed by their anointing
Your precious kids with their piercings, tattoes, punk dress and hair - the most anointed of all! Your elderly who thought themselves consigned to nursing homes, will instead be on fire for God and truly their latter years will far outshine their early years.
Catch the vision, proclaim it, believe it for it shall surely come to pass.

2009, Wales - the daffodil, is the trumpet, John Scotland

Two things struck me tonight. The first thing was the daffodil. I used to sell flowers, so I learned a little bit during those years selling flowers. The daffodil is known as the trumpet. It has something to do with Wales, and St. Davids. It is the trumpet.

And I just heard the Lord saying to me, "This nation is going to be the trumpet. This nation is going to be the trumpet to awaken the U.K."
 In the bible they used the trumpet to tell them when to move camp. They used the trumpet to gather the people for war. And I really believe this is a significant, very significant symbol. It's the first…, well…, it's the trumpet ... the trumpet. 

Let Wales be the trumpet! Let Wales be the trumpet. Let the sound, let the awakening, let the great awakening start from this nation, and overflow to England, to Scotland, to Ireland. And across the channel, across the channel, across the channel, across the channel to mainland Europe, and to my German friends. Oh, God bless you!

August 2008, Holy Spirit empowered marching , Kathy Pinto

This is a vision I had at a New Wine Conference. Here is a short version.. 

I had a real zap of the Holy Spirit. My arm shot up as like a Beacon torch and fire ran down my spine... my feet started to march... and I had an open vision. I saw an aerial view of the outline of the bottom coastline of wales... around the Cardiff area and the larger surrounding area. This then panned out into a beautiful rural area inland, roughly above Cardiff in the Breacon Beacons. 

I could see hundreds of YOUTH all spaced out on the grassy mountain side by side in a line, with arms raised up and their arms were like torches alight (I believe this was prayer and the word of God that was rooted in them). Then before them I saw the same number of youth that had drums and were beating them in unison. They marched before them to prepare the land (the worshipers break down the spiritual resistance of the land and scare off the demons, cleansing the land) in the direction inland (or north if that helps). 

It was a very powerful encounter. There is a spiritual gateway in a specific place. I could see that it wasn't in a church building but it was on the open land on the Brecon Beacons. That needs to be opened there and it will be taken by force with prayer and worship... 

Nov 2005, "Land of Valley and song, prepare...", Michael Backholer

This is what the sovereign Lord says to Wales:

“Land of valley and song, I say to you again prepare, prepare for a visitation of My Spirit. I have not forgotten or overlooked you. Once again the breath of God will be felt as My Spirit bloweth through you; a mighty wind, a powerful wind, a wind of change that will blow the shame from your towns and city centres.

Though My back was turned for a time, now is the time for My people to call upon Me in the day of your shame and I shall turn and deliver you as I have in past generations. And again voices will be heard all over the valleys as I breathe a new breath of life into My people and add greatly to their numbers.”

December 2003, The Sifting-Wales sprinkled with gold from heaven, Catherine Brown

The Sifting

I saw the Lord in a vision. He was holding a large sieve in his and hands and was sprinkling golden powder all over the nation of Wales. The land was literally sprinkled with gold from heaven. What is the gold of heaven? On this occasion, the gold is symbolic of the blessed and manifest presence of Jesus Christ evidenced in signs and wonders, the greatest of these being salvations and healings. The gold was poured out through a sieve - sifting is a Biblical process, which releases praise, glory and honor to Christ. I believe there are those in Wales who have experienced sifting; it has been costly, has caused ruination to the flesh, and is a preparation for the wonderful outpouring that is yet to come to the land of Wales.

"In this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials. These have come so that your faith - of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire - may be proved genuine and may result in praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed." 1 Peter 1:6,7

 As the Lord sprinkled Wales I noticed there were particularly heavy deposits of the gold in the mining villages and valleys although cities were by no means excluded. As I peered more closely at the contents of the sieve, I was intrigued by the fact that the gold was mixed with black, sooty dust. I asked the Lord what the black substance was and he replied,

 "Child, this is coal. This nation has known the cost and paid the price of deep excavation and the personal sacrifices of mining generations past in this nation are not forgotten by me. Many of these dear ones who gave their lives, were God chasers. Chasing the breakthrough both in the natural and in the Spirit. That which was mined previously in the Spirit will be poured out in abundance again. I am redeeming and restoring their families. Where generations were once Godly and have lost their way and forgotten their Christian roots, I am calling them again to be a holy people. I will restore families in the next revival outpouring in Wales. I will call whole families with a swift and sudden outpouring of my Spirit.

 Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary
 I will gather folks spontaneously into buildings, some of which will be churches; others will be in the public arena. In shops and pubs and football stadiums I will move on my people. People will be seen on the streets travailing under the weight of conviction of sin. I am the Father of Wales and I am calling my people back to my loving embrace. Anointed preaching will fill schools and pulpits, clubs and sports halls alike. I will raise up child prodigals. There is nowhere that my Spirit will be unable to move. I will use the media to release the sound of heaven. Ordinary men and women will give testimony of lives restored and healed. This revival will be marked by the fact that many ordinary folks will be used to further my glory. In me, the ordinary becomes the extraordinary. It is by my Grace that this revival will be birthed and will remain more than a brief visitation. It is through surrender to my Spirit and by living holy lives that the revival outpouring will be maintained and I will make Wales a place of my continued habitation. In the prisons and hospitals I will move with unexpected speed and great power. Those whom society has labeled as delinquents and dropouts, vandals and vagabonds, I will use to boldly proclaim my Kingdom. Their testimonies will tell of my goodness and my loving kindness.

 I will flood Wales with my Presence. This is a glory outpouring that no man has engineered and all men have longed for. I am sovereign in my timing and hold the destiny of nations in my hands. This is the time for Wales to shine her light as a beacon of hope in the nations. This is a holy moment and a momentous one as my Kingdom erupts like a holy virus; I will infect the people and the land of Wales and by my Spirit they will become contagious with the Kingdom. People will come to Wales and carry the anointing back to their respective nations. People will go out from Wales and take this glory outpouring to other lands. Police and politicians, children and elderly, schooled and unschooled, rich and poor, I will touch all areas of society and heal! This revival will be marked not only by the restoration of families but also by miracle healings.

 Witchcraft Broken

 I will break the power of witchcraft in Wales, along with the bondage of sin and deception, and I will be worshipped in Spirit and Truth. The Brecon beacons will become a source of True spiritual light in the nation as youth take to the high places to shine my radiant Light through anointed praise and sacrificial worship. I am raising up an army of radical worshipping warriors to dethrone the false gods that have stolen my rightful place of adoration in the hearts of many.

 I am seeking nations who desire my continual habitation and who are willing to pay the price of embracing the Mercy seat. I call you Wales not to a reputation as a maverick, but to a reputation as marvelous, revealing my mighty Name and works through servant hood and compassion. Maverick thinking could lead to a loss of my presence, because Maverick thinking is independent thinking and I call you to unity and blessing.

 Southern Wales is a Cradle

 I call the south of Wales a cradle. For Llanelli to Newport is ready and prepared as tinder to be an ignition point for the next move of my Spirit. The cradle is a place of desperation and holy prevailing love and prayer. A place prepared for my fire and by my holy fire to revive the church and save the lost. A cradle rocks and that which is established in the south will rock the globe. A cradle is also the place where a tiny child is embraced. From this cradle my Fatherhood will be displayed to comfort the nations and the fatherless children. Many will find the Spirit of sonship and divine acceptance and adoption in this cradle. It is the place of my tender embrace. The cradle is a place where the multitudes will find salvation.

The fire will be lit in the cradle of south Wales and will go up and through the land like wildfire. Cardigan to Pembroke will be known as a sanctuary and a place of shelter and rest and the ancient anointings will become evident in a new generation of monastic saints.

 The fire will go up into Colwyn bay and rush into Birkenhead and Liverpool making a massive impact on drug trafficking because of the sheer numbers of new converts being swept into the Kingdom at this time. A mighty prayer movement will come out of the Wirral, which will affect the destinies of nations. The fire of my presence will be carried into the Caribbean and Jamaica will be deeply affected by my glory. I call Jamaica from passivity into perseverance as a pioneer nation of the Faith. I release my grace on Jamaicans to endure persecution for my namesake, for the spirit of martyrdom rests upon Jamaica in this hour. I am even now preparing the hearts of some of the most hardened Yardie drug lords to receive salvation. That which the enemy has determined to relegate as rubbish for all eternity, I will redeem for there is nothing and no-one beyond my saving grace. The fruit of these blood washed lips will produce world class evangelists whom I will send into every continent to rescue the ravaged of society.

 Dividing Lines Dissolve!

 I hear the phrase "meltdown on the borders". The national dividing lines will become almost indistinguishable because of the Spirit of unity that will exist between England and Wales. Cheshire and Chester will embrace the fire. Cornwall will come into her destiny as Kingdom Celts during the outpouring of fire in Wales. London and Wales will link up for Kingdom gatherings.

 Ultimately there will also be Kingdom collaboration between Scotland and Wales on a national Christian leadership level, however, ancient mistrusts must be laid to rest at the Cross and new relational alliances continue to be built upon. Ongoing communication will be essential to maintain unity between Wales and Scotland. The enemy would seek to wreck the potential of these two nations' unity through miscommunication and lack of communication. I have decreed that three flames shall burn brightly as a synergy of my Spirit encompasses Wales, Ireland and Scotland. The Celtic nations must learn to embrace each other and to release each other. England is not divorced from this process, but must permit the process of heavenly arbitration and council to flow amongst the Celts.

 Holyhead and Anglesey are gateways into Dublin. Dublin will receive the fire from Wales and Ireland will be ignited with a worship move that will stun the world. Dublin will become a worship gateway to the globe. Anointed minstrels will teach in New Millennium worship schools.

 A Resurgence of Revival Anointing

 I have prepared a bridge in the Spirit between Birmingham and the central belt in Wales. In Powys and Dyfed in the southwest, many will be received in love as ambassadors from other nations come to Wales. I have seeded hospitality in the heart of Wales. The heart of Wales will bring connectivity to the nation and will be a place of reconciliation and restoration.

 This indicates a resurgence of revival anointing in Wales. It is not that we are to look to the past for the next move of God, but the Lord has a way of opening ancient wells in addition to opening new ones. We want to learn from our forefathers and bless what God has established as Kingdom foundations through the faithful prayers and selfless acts of our forefathers. Isaac was a man who re-opened the wells of blessing his Father Abraham had been responsible for digging, while Isaac also dug new wells.

"Isaac reopened the wells that had been dug in the time of his father Abraham, which the Philistines had stopped up after Abraham died, and he gave them the same names his father had given them. Isaac's servants dug in the valley and discovered a well of fresh water there." Gen 26:18,19

 Resistance to the Heavenly Outpouring

 As the vision continued, dust like golden rain fell from the heavens. On the earth two people were walking along a path. One resisted the heavenly outpouring by putting up an umbrella. The umbrella obscured this person from the golden dust. Instead of being covered by God the person was insulated in the world and remained blind to the blessing. I am reminded that we can only receive that which we perceive. This is part of the mystery of the Kingdom.

 Surrender to the Blessing

 Another person did not resist the heavenly outpouring, but rather stood and bathed in the golden rain falling from heaven. Blessing after blessing and deep unfathomable joy was poured out on this willing heart. This person speaks of those who will perceive and receive the Kingdom of God and every blessing contained therein.

 "Though you have not seen him, you love him; and even though you do not see him now, you believe in him and are filled with an inexpressible and glorious joy, for you are receiving the goals of your faith, the salvation of your souls." 1 Peter 1:8,9

 The Spirit indicated that there will be actual manifestations of gold dust and other supernatural appearances of gold, and small gems (I see tiny rubies, diamonds and emeralds), which cannot be rationally explained away but are an indication of acceleration of God's Kingdom come in Wales, and a sign of the blessing and favor our heavenly Father is releasing on the people of Wales for revival.

 As I have prepared this article, a spirit of intercession has been heavily upon me and I have been overcome with the Lord's compassion and wept great rolling tears calling out to Father for the church and for the lost.

 "Father, in the name of Jesus, I ask that you loose a mighty wave of intercession and liquid prayers that will burst the mercy floodgates of heaven open that Jesus would be exalted in Wales and that the manifest presence of Christ by your Spirit, would be poured out on Wales. I join my petitions to the many millions that have gone before and ask that you would come with a visitation and habitation of your Holy Spirit to the land of Wales again as it enters into centenary celebration of the 1904 100-year revival. I speak blessing over the people of Wales and ask that you use this prophesy Lord, to ignite fresh faith in a million believers for a fresh revival outpouring in this tiny land that is a hinge pin in your eyes." Amen

 Grace and peace to you and yours.
 Your sister and servant in Christ,
 Catherine Brown

August 2003, A Word for the Heart of Wales, Roy Godwin

This word was given during the singing of "I Hear Thy Welcome Voice" in Welsh, "Mi Glywaf Dyner Lais."
"The Heart of Wales is not an area of land in Mid Wales. lt is the Welsh-speaking community. The Welsh-speaking community is the Heart of Wales, and it holds a special place within My heart. "Return to Me, Heart of Wales, l have not finished with you. l love you. l have plans for you. How l love you, Heart of Wales. How l desire your worship. How l long to receive your prayers and commune with you once more. Turn to Me and live.
"Hear, land of Wales; pray for the Heart. Be reconciled with the Heart. Cry out to Me for the Heart.
"As the Heart returns to Me I will release blessings upon the whole nation.
"But seek Me first, not my blessings."

And I saw:
ln Wales, the land reverberated to the song as buried echoes were released;
ln heaven, there was a hush as angels bowed their heads in adoration of the Lamb;
ln hell, alarm bells went off and there was pandemonium.
And God said:
"This song is anointed as a vehicle of return for the Welsh community."
Roy Godwin, 2003

Feb 2000, Song and Joy Restored, Kathy Walters

I saw a bird, a brown/grey dove, very attractive, circling high in the sky - it represented the move of God in Wales. Then in its chest, there appeared to be a weight, a heaviness, and the weight began to bring it down... it came down and down and finally it touched the earth. I saw it scrape the earth with its chest and in the dream I thought it was surely going to die.

All of a sudden the weight seemed to fall off and it slowly began to rise again, circling up and up. I woke up singing an old song "I will put on the garment of praise; I will put on the garment of praise; the spirit of heaviness is gone from me. I will put on the garment of praise."

I believe the 1,000,000 hours of prayer finally broke that stronghold and Wales is on the rise in the spirit. PRAISE JESUS. Then I had this word,


"Wales - I will restore the song of the Spirit and the Joy of the Lord. You have prayed and wept and now is the time to praise and dance, for praise will make you lighter and lighter and you will shake off the ashes and the spirit of mourning - the song will be released from Wales and cover the whole earth again (don't try and do it though - it will happen) and your fine preachers will once again be known for their eloquence, but the eloquence will be of the Spirit and will bring release and not condemnation - do not take the religious spirit back - keep it out. Close down the mines of stale religion and open up the gates of praise." God is going to restore to Wales the Seer anointing which Evan Roberts operated in. Basically with the seer type anointing the Holy Spirit moves on your senses a great deal - touch, taste, sight, hearing smell etc. ..

Oct 1999, "Tiny Wales, MIGHTY GOD", Catherine Brown

I saw the nation of Wales and a tiny chapel become illumined in the Glory of God. Indeed I saw the land in Wales broken up and the ground prepared for this mighty ouptouring.

Tiny tiny Wales, mighty mighty God.

"This day says the Lord, I am sending the Song of Revival into the hearts of this tiny nation, and I will use the broken and the humble vessels. I have sent to you little Wales, Elijah and Gideon, I have sent to you Deborah. I will appropriate the past mantles of the prophets on you tiny nation and you shall march out carrying the Banner of My Glory says the Lord. I am sending you out little Gideon.

Where I have visited before I shall visit again and you shall not be able to measure this outpouring of My Glory. There will be no misappropriation of the anointing, for those who will carry this Glory will be purified as gold, My humble servants. Those who would seek to misappropriate My Glory will be removed from this revival as they are unable to be used by Me.

And see the Day of Lament has passed and the Song of the Lord shall rise from this land once more. I have sent Deborah to wage a mighty war in my name, and I am releasing women and the children to go forth in the Glory and they shall slay the Barak's as the tent pegs are stretched, as My Glory comes down, as your cords and stakes are moved beyond the boundaries man has set, your greatest expectation I shall exceed. I will overcome you in Love and you will seek in reverential fear to hide from My beauty and My Majesty, but see in tenderness I will draw you out. Fear not the mighty anointing, fear not, for I will fill only those vessels who are willing to pay the price; who are willing to share in My sacrifice; who are willing to be hidden completely in Me, who will give Me all the glory and will not even seek one portion for their flesh. Upon these hidden ones I shall confer a double portion as Elisha received.

I will visit many places My Spirit has gone before, indeed I will visit where I purpose and My Spirit shall go where He is welcomed and unconstrained, but for today I am uncapping the ancient wells. Wells that you have cried to me in desperation would be opened, yet you knew not how. So I have sent you Elijah and I have sent you Gideon and Deborah, and they shall be my chosen vessels to open up the wells. They are not the revival but they will be used of Me to usher in the Glory. I am come with My Grace to this land, rise up Men of God and valiant be, rise up Men of God who are hidden in Me, rise up sons of Thunder and raise a mighty shout, rise up beloved ones and carry My Glory out.

The Person of My Spirit is come. My Kingdom is come. Prophesy to the four corners of the earth, for the visitation of My Glory is come.

Tiny Wales-- you who are broken, you who are humbled--See, your Father lifts you up and exalts you before all men and all nations. I shall send forth the revival flames once more from your shores.

Expect new things, but see me also in tradition. I am come. I am come. I am come, I am the Ancient of Days."

Oh Father bless precious Wales. Bless precious Wales. Send your Spirit for the sake of Christ. Send your Spirit for the sake of Christ. Send your Spirit for the sake of Christ. Amen.

PART II TINY WALES, MIGHTY GOD (Part II is a slight correction and interpretation of the prophetic word)

Last night in the 'wee small hours' I agonised over wondering if I had made a terrible mistake in the word the Lord gave me for Wales. I know full well that Deborah did not slay Barak, indeed it was Jael who slew Sisera and yet somehow I did not 'see' what I had written at the time of testing/posting. I prayed about it, repenting if was in error, not understanding why the prophetic word for Wales, spoke of Deborah slaying Barak. I asked the Spirit of God to show me in His Word the explanation for the use of such terminology. I believe the Lord in His Wisdom permitted me to remain 'blind' in order that He might bring forth the following revelation. The Lord led me to a specific page within a book on the Welsh revival and I believe this is what He has shown:

Evan Roberts on 3 November 1904 met at Moriah with a number of chldren to pray "Send the Holy Spirit to Moriah for Jesus' sake." He spoke on that evening on, "Ask, and it shall be given you." "These things must be believed", he said, "if the work is to succeed. We must believe in a conquering Christ who is able to defeat all opposition." Evan was compelled to press the point with more boldness than he had ever felt before." (extract taken from "The World Aflame" Rick Joyner).

These words I believe hold the key to the prophetic revelation. Evan Roberts understood that WE MUST BELIEVE IN A CONQUERING CHRIST WHO IS ABLE TO DEFEAT ALL OPPOSITION. Without that knowledge he knew there would be no sustained revival, for man's eyes would not be fixed on Christ and His victory won for us, but rather on the things of the flesh, and/or opposition from the enemy. Barak almost made a grave mistake. When he first heard the Lord's instruction to go and fight the enemy commander and his army, his initial response was not faith but fear and denial of the power of God. Through Deborah the Lord was instructing Barak to go and take on the 10,000 men of Naphtali and Zebulun and to lead the way to Mount Tabor.

Barak was not prepared to enter the battle trusting God. He replied to Deborah "If you go with me, I will go; but if you don't go with me, I won't go." Judges 4:8 The spirit within Barak did not believe in a conquering God who was able to defeat all opposition. Barak placed more belief in Deborah by his side than in the Lord God of Hosts as his strong deliverer. He had no revelation of the battle belonging to God, nor of the power that was in him being greater than the power in this world. Further, Barak was concerned for his flesh. The Lord is bringing together an end time army who will "love not their own lives unto death".

This is the revelation within the prophetic word for revival in Wales that we must understand. Without our eyes firmly fixed on Jesus as the risen victorious Christ, we will not be able to be used in the Lord's army against his enemy's. The fear of man must be slain, lack of faith/disbelief must be slain and the greater glory of God must become our ultimate goal if "the work [revival] is to succeed". We will surely perish without this foundation in Christ. The end time army will be a fearless, anointed army with no trace of the 'spirit' and rights to self within Barak. To be anything less that completely focused on the Lord and His awesome power will mean we are in danger of missing the commission set before us. It must be in His strength alone and completely dependent on Him that we move forward into revival. There are 'giants' that must be slain and it is only hidden in Christ and abandoned to His precious Spirit that we may be used to re-enforce the victory of Calvary.

Within God's Holy Word we come to understand how the enemy commander Sisera was killed by Jael - we are shown the defeat of the 'enemy without'. The Lord in His loving mercy is giving us a further 'key' - in studying Barak's responses and actions we are given some insight into the 'enemy within' - our sinful concern for our flesh, and our carnal doubts and lack of faith and belief in the nature and character of God as the Lord of Hosts.

I therefore believe we must repent of the sins that Barak walked in and ask the Lord for forgiveness. The Spirit will bring this conviction and through the Deborah anointing He will release those with a similar spirit to Barak. The end time army must march out in faith having sought the Lord with all of their heart, for there is no time for half hearted commitment or poorly shod armour or any amount of self-reliance. The warfare will intensify and we must be prepared in Him, willing to lay down our lives at any cost to see His Kingdom established in all the earth, and millions of souls won for Jesus.

"Father, I thank you for this lesson in humility and for your Mercy to your children. I thank you personally for showing me new depths of reliance on you and ask that only what is of you remain. Forgive me Lord, should there be any error in the Word I have delivered, and my heart's cry remains, 'Lord, don't let me harm the Body', my greatest desire is to do your will. Father, show us by your Spirit where we continue in our carnal ways, when you would have us abandon these rights to self before your cross. Lead us in repentance, teach us how to yield to your precious Spirit, cleanse and purify us and anoint us with power from on high for your greater glory. In Jesus name, Amen"
In humility, Catherine Brown 30.10.99

Aug 1999, Holy Spirit Storm Brewing, Simon Jennings

At the recent meetings when Tommy Tenny visited Bridgend the Lord gave me a picture during the prayer time on the Monday in Swansea. The picture was of a storm brewing above the M4 corridor between Swansea and Cardiff. The storm cloud was huge and covered the whole expanse of this area. Above the area, below the cloud, I saw a vision of a large red dragon. The storm clouds resembled those of a tornado. This tornado turned into a twister storm and touched down in Swansea and ripped a path along the M4 corridor between Swansea and Cardiff. The tornado ripped through what I can only describe as strong houses and fortresses along the stretch, desolating and flattening everything in its path.

I felt the Lord was saying to me that a Storm was brewing not on the earth but in the heavenlies and that the mighty wind in the storm was that of the Holy Spirit.

The dragon signified the spirit of the anti-christ over the area and the strong houses and fortresses were strategic strongholds of the enemy along that stretch. The tornado that was to come would tear down these fortresses and strong houses releasing all those who had been taken captive by the dragon.

Later in the day I was still trying to understand the meaning of the picture when the Lord gave me a picture of the Statue of Liberty with a great big diamond necklace. I then understood that the Lord wanted to bring liberty to the captives of the dragon and that it would be to them as a precious jewel, something of immeasurable value, priceless.

At the end of the evening the Lord really encouraged me in my spirit when it was announced that a Prayer Tower was to be set up in Bethlehem to pray for the area between Cardiff and Swansea.


Please take this word as I have received it and test it to see you bear a witness to its accuracy. If the Lord gives you further understanding or has given any other word I would love to hear of it.

May 1999, Upheaval of the depths spawns intercession, Logan Sparling

It was May of 1999 that I was flying from Indianapolis to London, on my way to Sri Lanka then to stop in Wales on the way back. Before landing at Heathrow I had been praying about my trip and the ministry I had in mind to accomplish. I had just read an account of the 1904 Welsh revival and was greatly inspired.
Two weeks prior to my flight one of my intercessors shared a word with me saying the Lord was going to open my eyes to things I had never seen. She said the Lord was going to allow me to see things from his vantage point.
Near the end of my flight I was looking out the window the window and saw in the Spirit what I am sure I could not see with my physical eyes. I saw the outline of a country which I immediately recognized as Wales. At first I did not understand what I was seeing because the country seemed to be convulsing as though a mighty earthquake was shaking it. The best I can describe the sight was the countrysides were undulating, writhing almost as in great pain. I thought these were birth pangs but couldn't be positive.
After what seemed to be twenty or thirty minutes (probably more like 2 minutes) all I could see were the clouds between the plane and the ground. However, the Lord spoke that what I had seen was the warfare going on 'underground', unseen by all except those with eyes to see, but He reminded me that the Kingdom of God was going to break in again upon Wales not just with a visitation of revival, but with a spiritual transformation that would be sustained for several generations. I did identify 'pockets of activity' all over the country which I interpreted as spiritual warfare going on by individuals or small groups of people who were not connected together. Rather, it seemed to me the Lord had sovereignly raised them up to intercede. He was conducting a symphony of prayer for which no man could claim credit.
My heart was greatly encouraged.

April 1999, The Coming Welsh revival, Dick Funnell

On my first visit to Wales in the spring of 1999, I was part of a small missionary team that came on a work project. During that time we stayed in a small cottage in Cilgerran. Each morning from my bedroom window I would look out to admire the view of the rolling hills and fields, and particularly the tallest green hilltop near Carreg Wen. With each passing day I felt more and more drawn to that place, so finally one morning I awoke quite early and decided to go out there.

Walking along the road I passed by the entrance to the Capel Cilfowyr, and turned down the lane to have a look. During my visit in Wales I had begun to feel a sorrow for the numerous chapels that were unused and lifeless, very many of which were relics from the great Welsh Revival of 1904. Gazing at the chapel now before me, a sense of grief weighed upon my spirit.

I continued my way up to that hilltop, and came upon a place where very old hedgerows crossed at the summit. I found myself arrested by the Lord at one spot, and He began to impress on me the need for the church in general to return to the old boundary markers, to get back to the basic simplicity of the Gospel. My heart was broken at how the glorious fruit of revival only a hundred years earlier had gradually been suplanted by tradition and structure, leaving the churches sterile and dying out. I clearly saw our need for pursuing Him and His presence, for kindling a direct relationship with our Maker and Saviour in our personal lives, and to share that in our church relationships and the world around us.

As I lifted my eyes to take in the panoramic view from this hilltop, on this overcast morning, I began to watch the clouds as they were driven along by the strong wind. They were greyish blue and quite low in the sky, and looked like fresh baked muffins hanging upside down from a baking mold. After a few moments, a little opening appeared in the clouds and the strong morning sun shown down and swept across a small patch of the green hillside like a spotlight. This window closed up, and very soon again the sun came pouring in again through another window that opened up, but this time directly on the little chapel I had just left behind me. Immediately the Lord began to speak to my spirit that He was going to bring revival again to Wales. And as I opened myself up to receive this, I wept for joy and longing.

And as I watched in awe, what had begun in the natural realm had now become an open vision. I was lifted up in the spirit, and looking out across the the whole of the surrounding countryside, I could see the clouds part and window after window open up, the sunlight pouring through onto one chapel after another. And as I continued watching I could see farther and farther, this wonderful sweeping of revival across hills and valleys of Wales. The light of God's glory once again was bursting upon the sleeping villages and farms, bringing the knowledge and the fear of the Lord. As view extended, I could see this coming revival spilling over into England, the rest of the U.K. and even into the stone cold heart of Europe itself.

March 1999, Wild Fires Hitting Wales, Martin Scott

There will two waves that come to our Islands: the first is here now, and we are about 1/3 of the way through it, I see Alpha as a major reaping element within that, but there is a second wave that is coming which will be considerably beyond the former. It is the second wave that will cause things to break forth, and we will move from signs of revival to something that will have to be termed revival.

As we have been praying this week I have begun to see that there is something which will take place in Wales. As I see it you have not had much of the first wave hit Wales, the reason is that God has held it back, not because of judgement, not because of preference for others as opposed to you. But because your part to play, and it is a major part, and that part is in the second wave.

Let me change the analogy. What I saw taking place were some major fires hitting Wales, but the fire that I saw I could only describe as wild fire. It is fire that will explode and a fire that is dangerous. It is fire that cannot be domesticated (we will not be able to say, 'I will take some of that fire, put it in the hearth and it will keep me warm' - no this is wild fire). And I saw that wild fire begin to jump across the border, because what is in England currently can be domesticated and will be domesticated and will be tamed and will be controlled, in fact it will come to where some will want to say 'this is really under our jurisdiction'. And what it is waiting for is for the fire that is wild to come and to impact that. In other words, England needs a Welsh revival. Not only England, for since 1991 I have been saying when it hits this whole thrust of the Spirit is in order that Europe might be saturated. This is Europe's day and it is a long day - because at the end of this day it is the Islamic world that God is targeting.

But it will not take place without a Welsh revival.

That England needs a Welsh revival, Europe needs a Welsh revival. I hear a call going out saying 'we must have a Welsh revival'. People standing in England saying, 'We must have a Welsh revival. We must have the wild fire’ We must have it, where is it going to come from?' It is going to come up out of Wales. In other words God does not want to give a revival in Wales he wants to give a Welsh revival - that is why you cannot import revival into Wales - you can import many things but you cannot import a Welsh revival. It will have the characteristics of wild fire, you cannot begin to control this.

Sept 1998, Keys of Revival for Wales, Willie Soans

In Wales the Father's house is locked. Someone locked the Father's home and threw away the keys. Over the years that have passed by, the keys have gone deeper and deeper, as the dust of the ages, the dust of tradition and formalism has settled over the keys to the Father's home. So much so that the ground above the keys has become hard and solid and, at times, impenetrable.

Then I saw a great shaking beginning to start. It as as if a great earthquake came upon the land - this was very sudden and quick. The earth opened up, and deep down in the ground, still shining and clean were seen the keys. The moment the keys came to be seen the shaking stopped.

(When I prayed this morning the Lord gave me a sense that this shaking would start within the church. Many leasders will change - new ones will take their place. God may even call some leaders home. But there will be new leaders whom God has been preparing quietly, without many noticing I had a sense that these leaders will have a heart for change and unity).

After the shaking stopped, I saw that the keys were too deep and too far for one man to go down and get it. If anyone would try that, they would get killed - it was so dangerous. So I saw men come together. It seems they already knew what to do. They slowly formed a human chain. Each man carefully holding the others hand, the formed a long chain till the line reached the bottom and I saw an insignificant man pick up the keys. There was great joy as this happened and people began to become ecstatic and dance.

When I saw the keys I was very surprised. I had never seen these kinds of keys before. They were not easy to carry.

1. The first key I saw was a broken key. It was broken and only half of it was seen. (As I prayed the Lord told me this was the key of brokenness and humility, without which NO other key in the lock in the Father's home would work. This was the first key that had to be inserted into the lock before any other key. It was only as the people got contrite before the Lord that this brokenness and humility would set the levers in the lock to start turning). This key made way for the next.

2. The second key was in the shape of a pair of outstretched hands. The Lord showed me that this was the key of intercession and weeping and asking the Lord for the land. Without this key, the next key would not work. This key seemed very heavy and cumbersome. It was uncomfortable to carry alone, many had to carry this key together, and also to use it together in the lock in the Father's house.

3. The third key was made of gold and it was beaten into the shape of a harp. This was the key called Praise and Worship. In face, the strings on the harp still sounded clear after so many years. It seemed to me that each string on the harp was important, and not just anyone could use this key to open the lock. Only those who knew the certain sounds and their combinations, only they could come and use this key to open the lock. This key made way for the next key...

4. The fourth key was a very long key. It was really long and lengthy. The Lord told me that this key was the key of evangelism. This was a unique key, and a great wave of evangelism would sweep the country. Many foreigners (particularly not Welsh people) were holding this key. Wave after wave of evangelism came to be released through this key.

5. The last key was hidden and I could not see what key this was and how it could be used.

The Lord is about to do something that is beyond our imaginations for Wales. This is indeed the 'Kairos' time for this Nation.

The following is a dream given to Pastor Willie Soans at 6.10 am on Sunday 7th September 1998 whilst staying at Peter Rees' home during the Powys Prayer Conference. Willie was one of the main speakers at the Conference. He is part of an apostolic team responsible for 15,000 believers in the New Life Church in Bombay, India.