Jun 2012, The Floodgates Opening, Darren Brown

I looked up and saw a huge set of scales spanning miles over the countryside, which was parched and dry, the ground cracked in places. On one end of the scales was a giant bucket labelled 'Spirit'. On the other end was another bucket labelled 'Flesh'. The Lord showed me that there was a large hole in the bucked labelled 'Flesh'. All of a sudden it started to rain. The bucket labelled 'Spirit' started to fill up and as it did so, the scales began to drop on one side with the weight of the water.

As the rains continued, the other end of the scales started to rise and continued to do so until finally touching Heaven. At this point I saw immense floodgates open, followed by a loud rush of water. Then great waterfalls of water fell onto the ground. The cracks disappeared and in their place, great shoots started to push up through the ground forming green fields of lush grass as far as the human eye can see.
I then saw multitudes of sheep grazing on the grass until their bellies were full, to the point were they were laying down and resting in contentment.

The Lord showed me that the set of scales is us and the sheep is the lost. God will bring justice to His people through us... but we should not try and repair the hole in the bucket labelled 'Flesh' (Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit saith the Lord!) because it will always be there. We need to go back to basics, back to the old fashioned altar on our knees and pray for the rain in our own lives and walk in the Spirit so that this 'bucket' gets filled. The rest, God will take care of.