March 1999, Wild Fires Hitting Wales, Martin Scott

There will two waves that come to our Islands: the first is here now, and we are about 1/3 of the way through it, I see Alpha as a major reaping element within that, but there is a second wave that is coming which will be considerably beyond the former. It is the second wave that will cause things to break forth, and we will move from signs of revival to something that will have to be termed revival.

As we have been praying this week I have begun to see that there is something which will take place in Wales. As I see it you have not had much of the first wave hit Wales, the reason is that God has held it back, not because of judgement, not because of preference for others as opposed to you. But because your part to play, and it is a major part, and that part is in the second wave.

Let me change the analogy. What I saw taking place were some major fires hitting Wales, but the fire that I saw I could only describe as wild fire. It is fire that will explode and a fire that is dangerous. It is fire that cannot be domesticated (we will not be able to say, 'I will take some of that fire, put it in the hearth and it will keep me warm' - no this is wild fire). And I saw that wild fire begin to jump across the border, because what is in England currently can be domesticated and will be domesticated and will be tamed and will be controlled, in fact it will come to where some will want to say 'this is really under our jurisdiction'. And what it is waiting for is for the fire that is wild to come and to impact that. In other words, England needs a Welsh revival. Not only England, for since 1991 I have been saying when it hits this whole thrust of the Spirit is in order that Europe might be saturated. This is Europe's day and it is a long day - because at the end of this day it is the Islamic world that God is targeting.

But it will not take place without a Welsh revival.

That England needs a Welsh revival, Europe needs a Welsh revival. I hear a call going out saying 'we must have a Welsh revival'. People standing in England saying, 'We must have a Welsh revival. We must have the wild fire’ We must have it, where is it going to come from?' It is going to come up out of Wales. In other words God does not want to give a revival in Wales he wants to give a Welsh revival - that is why you cannot import revival into Wales - you can import many things but you cannot import a Welsh revival. It will have the characteristics of wild fire, you cannot begin to control this.