August 2003, A Word for the Heart of Wales, Roy Godwin

This word was given during the singing of "I Hear Thy Welcome Voice" in Welsh, "Mi Glywaf Dyner Lais."
"The Heart of Wales is not an area of land in Mid Wales. lt is the Welsh-speaking community. The Welsh-speaking community is the Heart of Wales, and it holds a special place within My heart. "Return to Me, Heart of Wales, l have not finished with you. l love you. l have plans for you. How l love you, Heart of Wales. How l desire your worship. How l long to receive your prayers and commune with you once more. Turn to Me and live.
"Hear, land of Wales; pray for the Heart. Be reconciled with the Heart. Cry out to Me for the Heart.
"As the Heart returns to Me I will release blessings upon the whole nation.
"But seek Me first, not my blessings."

And I saw:
ln Wales, the land reverberated to the song as buried echoes were released;
ln heaven, there was a hush as angels bowed their heads in adoration of the Lamb;
ln hell, alarm bells went off and there was pandemonium.
And God said:
"This song is anointed as a vehicle of return for the Welsh community."
Roy Godwin, 2003