August 2008, Holy Spirit empowered marching , Kathy Pinto

This is a vision I had at a New Wine Conference. Here is a short version.. 

I had a real zap of the Holy Spirit. My arm shot up as like a Beacon torch and fire ran down my spine... my feet started to march... and I had an open vision. I saw an aerial view of the outline of the bottom coastline of wales... around the Cardiff area and the larger surrounding area. This then panned out into a beautiful rural area inland, roughly above Cardiff in the Breacon Beacons. 

I could see hundreds of YOUTH all spaced out on the grassy mountain side by side in a line, with arms raised up and their arms were like torches alight (I believe this was prayer and the word of God that was rooted in them). Then before them I saw the same number of youth that had drums and were beating them in unison. They marched before them to prepare the land (the worshipers break down the spiritual resistance of the land and scare off the demons, cleansing the land) in the direction inland (or north if that helps). 

It was a very powerful encounter. There is a spiritual gateway in a specific place. I could see that it wasn't in a church building but it was on the open land on the Brecon Beacons. That needs to be opened there and it will be taken by force with prayer and worship...