Aug 1999, Holy Spirit Storm Brewing, Simon Jennings

At the recent meetings when Tommy Tenny visited Bridgend the Lord gave me a picture during the prayer time on the Monday in Swansea. The picture was of a storm brewing above the M4 corridor between Swansea and Cardiff. The storm cloud was huge and covered the whole expanse of this area. Above the area, below the cloud, I saw a vision of a large red dragon. The storm clouds resembled those of a tornado. This tornado turned into a twister storm and touched down in Swansea and ripped a path along the M4 corridor between Swansea and Cardiff. The tornado ripped through what I can only describe as strong houses and fortresses along the stretch, desolating and flattening everything in its path.

I felt the Lord was saying to me that a Storm was brewing not on the earth but in the heavenlies and that the mighty wind in the storm was that of the Holy Spirit.

The dragon signified the spirit of the anti-christ over the area and the strong houses and fortresses were strategic strongholds of the enemy along that stretch. The tornado that was to come would tear down these fortresses and strong houses releasing all those who had been taken captive by the dragon.

Later in the day I was still trying to understand the meaning of the picture when the Lord gave me a picture of the Statue of Liberty with a great big diamond necklace. I then understood that the Lord wanted to bring liberty to the captives of the dragon and that it would be to them as a precious jewel, something of immeasurable value, priceless.

At the end of the evening the Lord really encouraged me in my spirit when it was announced that a Prayer Tower was to be set up in Bethlehem to pray for the area between Cardiff and Swansea.


Please take this word as I have received it and test it to see you bear a witness to its accuracy. If the Lord gives you further understanding or has given any other word I would love to hear of it.