January 2013, Tremors and quakes in the Spirit, Dustin Crites (USA)

A tsunami of God's presence is racing toward the shores of your nation.  Tremors and quakes in the Spirit are creating wave after wave to crash against the strongholds of those that oppress you.  The intercession that you are offering up is weakening the base of these structures.  God will come i like a flood and destroy the throe of the "imposter" that has enthroned himself.

He is beginning to awaken hearts and minds to the reality of the Spirit and the importance He will play to the total victory of these battles.  Our King is sending assignments and royal decrees all across the world to your brothers and sisters.  They will begin actively engaging in warfare and intercession with you until you see victory.

He is activating a new "breed" of people.  A people dedicated to the Master and His Holy Kingdom.  They will move as one body.  They will not defile themselves with the ungodliness that the world has embraced.  They hang on every word from the Master's mouth, eagerly awaiting their next assignment.  They do not fear the ancient ones that have enshrined themselves in our governments, our schools, our homes, and our churches.  He is activating a people to come against an entire religious system that has lasted nearly since the foundation of the Earth.  They have been assigned to see the demise of Babylon and all the demonic strongholds she has built. 

Do not fear.  The Lord is watching and He has taken account of all those that have come against you.  Remain strong and steadfast in the face of the enemy.  Do not turn and run.  Stand and resist and he must flee.  But more importantly, SUBMIT yourself to the King for your victory is nigh.  Praise be to our King and Lord.  It is by His mouth that kingdoms rise and fall.  ALL GOVERNMENT rests on His shoulders.  We are standing with you, my brothers and sisters.  Amen.