Jan 2012, Fires Springing Up in Wales, Judy Boyd

At place of 24/7 praise & worship, about 10:10am, a couple I had never seen before, sat beside me. I welcomed the woman & asked where they were from & she said, "The U. K.." I instantly saw a vision of the UK in the cupped hands of the Lord God of Israel. He was smiling with such a look of tender love at the UK in his cupped hands.

As I my eyes were focused on the UK. I saw fires springing up in Wales & going up north to Scotland & all down the eastern border & down south into England & back up to Wales--even Northern Ireland was bordered with flames of fire. The fires burning all around the borders of the UK then moved into the center & became a huge pillar of fire that then began to send long arms to all the countries north, east, south, & across the Atlantic to the west.

I KNEW what I was seeing and told the lady, "God has not forgotten the UK, for His fires of revival are going to spring up once again, mightier than before & once again she is going to be sending her people all over the world with the truth of Jesus, like she did in her past. This is the word of the Lord from Jerusalem, & you can COUNT on it, for it WILL come to pass!!!"