Feb 2000, Song and Joy Restored, Kathy Walters

I saw a bird, a brown/grey dove, very attractive, circling high in the sky - it represented the move of God in Wales. Then in its chest, there appeared to be a weight, a heaviness, and the weight began to bring it down... it came down and down and finally it touched the earth. I saw it scrape the earth with its chest and in the dream I thought it was surely going to die.

All of a sudden the weight seemed to fall off and it slowly began to rise again, circling up and up. I woke up singing an old song "I will put on the garment of praise; I will put on the garment of praise; the spirit of heaviness is gone from me. I will put on the garment of praise."

I believe the 1,000,000 hours of prayer finally broke that stronghold and Wales is on the rise in the spirit. PRAISE JESUS. Then I had this word,


"Wales - I will restore the song of the Spirit and the Joy of the Lord. You have prayed and wept and now is the time to praise and dance, for praise will make you lighter and lighter and you will shake off the ashes and the spirit of mourning - the song will be released from Wales and cover the whole earth again (don't try and do it though - it will happen) and your fine preachers will once again be known for their eloquence, but the eloquence will be of the Spirit and will bring release and not condemnation - do not take the religious spirit back - keep it out. Close down the mines of stale religion and open up the gates of praise." God is going to restore to Wales the Seer anointing which Evan Roberts operated in. Basically with the seer type anointing the Holy Spirit moves on your senses a great deal - touch, taste, sight, hearing smell etc. ..