October 2013, A Visitation of Righteousness - Time to Pray, Darren Brown

Tuesday this week has been quite remarkable. The Spirit spoke to me on a number of occasions. I had to go to a little Welsh Village called Pontardawe to drop off a new tablet with one of my customers. Since the Black Mountains were only 10 mins away from the customer, I had already decided to go there afterwards to pray.

On the way to my customer, the Spirit gave me a vision. As I was driving I could see a huge white blanket up in the sky, as far as I was able to see. It went beyond the horizon. This white blanket started to slowly descend towards the ground until it reached the level of my head. As soon as it touched people going about their daily business, their normal clothes were replaced by robes whiter than snow. Everyone whom the blanket descended upon was changed like this until all that I could see were in white. I knew the Spirit was speaking to me about another visitation to the land. I heard Him speak, saying "The blanket is called 'Righteousness' and I will yet again cover this whole land with Righteousness!" I continued to make my way to the customer's home.

Just before I left the customer, I explained what my plan was regarding going to the Black Mountains so they could tell me the best way to get there, and where to park once I had arrived. As I was about to leave, the customer said "Wait there!" and wandered off into the kitchen. He came back with a bottle of water for me straight from the fridge, saying "You better take this, you will need it!". I thanked him, quietly thanking God for His provision in my mind.

On the way I couldn't help noticing about 7 chapels, most of which were derelict and had been boarded up as the windows were broken and unsafe. I stopped and took a few photos of them, noticing as I did so that the dates seemed to be around 1904-1905 or just before. I knew that these buildings were erected as a result of the previous revival in 1904. My heart sank and I had a lump in my throat. It is so sad.

Once I had reached the car park, I proceeded to climb the mountain. There was no clear path and I ended up walking between rocks but just headed in the right direction, to the top. Half way up I had to stop and rest. Whilst sitting, there perched on a smooth dry rock drinking the water that the customer had given me, I was suddenly startled by the sound of heavy horses hoofs. I quickly jumped up and rushed around, looking behind me from where I heard the heavy sound come from. Nothing was there! My heart was pounding as I knew I had heard a horse galloping towards me! I then heard the Spirit speak to me again, saying "It is Me, I am coming to visit this place again. The horse that you heard is whiter than snow, and his name is called righteousness. Tell My people to be prepared for My arrival.  I will again ride through this land with righteousness!". I was astounded, I did not hear this horse in my imagination, but physically with my ears, I almost felt the ground shake.  I gathered my nerves after this incident and continued to climb the hill. As I reached near the top, I heard the Spirit speak a third time. He directed me towards a small rock. I made my way to it. Once there, He directed me to a second rock sticking up in the distance. I headed for that one, not being able to see past it. Once I had reached it, I heard Him direct me to a third rock. I knew it was Him, I recognised His voice. I walked up to the third rock and as I reached it, I beheld an astonishingly beautiful sight. I saw the Welsh valleys below me, spread out all around. The fields looked like a patterned quilt. I saw small villages scattered all over, white farms and a big quarry. In the distance I could see the sea, and the coast of Devon on the other side of the estuary. I could see the banks of the river Loughor as it reached inland towards my new hometown. It was then that I heard the Spirit speaking to me yet again...

"Tell My people to pray! Tell them to pray like they have never prayed before!". I was then convicted about my own prayer life. I replied that I found it so hard to pray at times. "Lord, even this morning I planned to get up and pray when my alarm went off but I yet again failed, turning the alarm off and staying in my nice warm bed! I’m so sorry!" I then said that I had come here to pray today and this is what the Spirit responded with...

"Yes!... And You started to climb this mountain because you knew you could reach the top. Your prayer life is like this mountain! You were not able to see the top yet you still knew it was there waiting for you! As you started to climb, you got tired. The higher you climbed, the more tired you got, to the point that you had to stop for a rest. But you continued! As you reached near the top, you could feel the wind blowing against you. You still could not see the top. But you knew it was reachable. You fought with the wind as I directed your path towards that first stone. You did not turn left or right but persevered towards it as you knew it was reachable. I did not show you the destination as if you had seen it so early, you would have given up. I am your stone. Make Me your focus! Push towards ME! One step(ping stone) at a time! When you pray, you are going against every grain of the flesh. It is like the wind. Don't give up! The higher you go, the harder it will be. But you will eventually reach your goal, and when you do, the view of My creation will astonish you! This message is for you, and for My people!" I instantly wanted to fall to the ground and weep there and then. I stayed up there for a while, praying over the valleys that He was showing me, praying over the lives of those who lived in them, asking Him to quicken His visit and touch the people of this land.

On the drive back home, I went past a pub. It's name was The Travellers' Well. I stopped and took a photo. The Spirit finally said to me that this land would yet again be a well of living water, rising up and overflowing over the land. Travellers would visit from the 4 corners of the world to see what God is able to do, they will drink the waters of revival and His living waters would reach out far and wide, touching the 4 corners of the globe...

Those that can hear, please weigh this up with God’s word and listen to what the Spirit is saying!