Jan 2012, The Sound of Voices Crying Out, from Ruth in Israel

My beloved Welsh people. I sit in my little apartment in Ashkelon, Israel and just weep over this email about a stirring of the Holy Spirit in Wales.
May you be mightily moved to prayer and may your voices again be raised in song. May the Holy Spirit brood over you even as the fog hovers over your hills and valleys.
May the old men dream dreams and the young men have visions and may your sons and daughters prophesy again.
May the passionate prayers of your forefathers be answered and the 3rd and 4th generations be stirred to be mighty men and women of God.
Listen, can you hear that sound? Ttis the sound of many waters - 'tis the sound of voices praying and crying aloud to God for another mighty visitation

And I can tell you that as sure as I sit here and weep and type, that there will indeed be a visitation that will shake the nation. You shall again have such anointed choirs singing that people will be broken and moved upon as they listen to you sing. Your young people will be burning fires going all over spreading the fires of revival - faster than a forest fire - mightier than a hurricane - swiftly will they run and all will be consumed by their anointing
Your precious kids with their piercings, tattoes, punk dress and hair - the most anointed of all! Your elderly who thought themselves consigned to nursing homes, will instead be on fire for God and truly their latter years will far outshine their early years.
Catch the vision, proclaim it, believe it for it shall surely come to pass.