February 2016, Intercession is required NOW for a move of God, Steve Mooney

In my mind's eye I saw the land of Wales being broken open. It was coming from the coast and it was coming across from west to east, and the land was breaking open. And as I saw this picture, it was like I saw through when Roy said earlier, "this is the year for Wales.

And what I saw was a very big angel blowing like a trumpet. He was blowing a small ram’s horn with sharp blasts, with short blasts. And also what happened is I saw this word, the word was "intercession". And what I felt was simply that God was saying, that there is an imminent move of God going to break out in Wales. It was just so real that God is going to release something this year, but He needs intercession.

I don't know what intercession is, I used to think I knew what intercession meant, like I used know what I thought revival was. Actually I don't know, but the word is revival in Wales. I believe it is connected to the land, and there is the song that’s being released.

But God is requiring people in intercession. And I know that there are people here who have been brought here to Wales. We know some people... But it's like now is the time. And when Roy shared that this morning I just thought, "Wow, wow, wow!" It's so exciting. God is going to do something!