June 2012, Wales is for Worship-Gathering and Sending, Ross Jones

WALES is made for worship… a nation of worship and a nation of great
voice. Begin to mark the boundaries of your nation, begin to have a
time of praise and worship on the border of your towns and on the
boundary’s, marking the territory, setting up 'no trespassing' signs
for the enemy Re: the bells (Beni Johnson prophecy) this area is like
the alarm clock. It has the ability to sound a wakeup call, to bring
forth a sound that can be heard for great distances. Release of
musicians (a band going to travel the nations). Called to the nations

WALES is a place of great safety, a welcoming home for many in the place.
It is a sending and receiving base.

WALES is a place where God is gathering the nations for the outpouring
of His Spirit, that in turn WALES will be a Nation that has an ability
to touch the nations. You will need to call for help to reach our
foreign European Backsliders, who will come back to Me by having the
Spirit of evangelism upon them, speaking the truth when faced with the
demonic even though they are not walking with God themselves!
I will reveal myself to them in ways you have never seen before.

There is a gifting in this place to be continually young at heart...
There is a gifting in this place to be continually young at heart with
an energy that defies all logic. Churches that have been here for
years will be rejuvenated. This is a place that can give new birth, to
release new ministry, vision etc. It is not rooted in the past, it is
a 'today' nation, and we need to call Wales into (her) its destiny.
Whatever is in the ancient past is not holding this place back.
Education was birthed out of the church, schools and universities are
going to flourish…there's an anointing and there's a favour that I
will put upon these things Renewal is going to come to Wales through
the educational establishments Training of young people across
churches There will be a strong focus on young children and families
in this place (and then the lord said parent and toddler groups).

Healing Wells
There are holy wells here: 'the healing waters are going to flow again'
Wales is in the balance
Wales is a nation that is almost persuaded
Wales is a nation that is almost persuaded: we have to be a people
that are fully persuaded in our own selves if we’re going to affect
another group of people that are only partially persuaded.

This has been a place where there's been separation and division and
double-mindedness, making people look confused at times and making
people even depressed at times and causing people to start many things
and finish little. You can't just deal with the fruit: God is calling
this nation to go to the root.

Numbers 10:1-10 - God is bringing clarity of sound which will not
bring confusion… needs to be a marrying of action with the call. In
the past the trumpet has been blown but no action has been taken and
that brought about a people who are unsure, not willing and undecided.
As the action is married with the call the people will start to fill
the shoes of those callings that God is putting in place. It will be
while you are at work and in the field; at home and in school that
God's anointing will hit you.

The church will go through a period of travail; we need to ask for
strength and maturity to not settle for early signs but bring to
completion the work started.

Numbers 1v2: the Spirit of God is now walking amongst the people and
churches and there is a marking and counting going on, a census is
being taken. God is finding those people who are ready to go to war,
that are ready to say 'I don't want to co-habit with what the enemy is
doing, I'm not willing to settle for second best, I'm not willing to
settle for a part of the vision I want it all'. God is looking for
people willing to go to war - to be willing to take the kingdom.

There will be a team of prophetic intercessors, blockbusters,
safecrackers - the A team. Wales is a HUB. The unity of the leaders at
the centre of the wheel must be supported underneath by intercession.

Moments and mind-sets: If the move of God doesn't look as we expect we
could miss it. There is a call to humility and the laying down of our
reputation, expectations, agendas and ambitions.