February 2018, No more damming up the wells, Amanda Clegg

No more damming up the wells!!!
No more damming up the wells.

The dam has been broken, the waters have been released, no more stopping up the flow of my anointing upon my people. The fiery axe is at the root and ready to chop off all the dross, all the false shepherds will be scattered and the anointed brought fourth to inherit the land promised to their forefathers and children's children, to the third and fourth generation of those who love me and keep my commandments, to loose the hand of the oppressor that's been damming up the wells of my anointed ones.

Break forth my children into song, songs of redemption and joy, hear the battle cry of my people, hear the lion of Judah roar, in the distance listen to it getting near, the sound is reverberating around the nations, it's calling to His chosen, even the lost sheep of Israel. Deep calls to deep and the earth will be scattered of all that are not of Me, and all that hasn't been ordained by Me, time of scattering to now bring in the seeds of the harvest , the ripeness is so tender and so sweet, a freshness and a outpouring above all that you can measure up and count.

It will not be by man's hand but by my Spirit says Yahweh!!! The I heard the Lord say as I sat down, THIS IS A KAIROS MOMENT!!!!
That means the right, the critical or opportune moment!!!
We are in a kairos moment saints, get ready for the end time harvest. Halleluyah