January 2016, Wales - A Hidden treasure, Steven Jones

Wales is a hidden treasure that has received an outpouring of the Holy Spirit even though it is the least of the least. My favor is upon you and you will once again shine with My glory as you break forth in Holy Revival. It is ordained by Me and I will do that which I decree and declare.

So I speak to My prophets, decree and declare the Welsh revival that I now send. Proclaim it upon the mountain tops, in the cities, and in the byways. For I send forth My Spirit to ignite Holy Flames that will touch and effect the whole earth. Wales is My chosen servant who sings forth My praise and who worships Me in spirit and in truth. So lift up your voices Welshmen, sing the wonders of My name and My great works. Receive the truth and declare righteousness in your land and watch as it flows like a tsunami across your borders and over the waters to other cities, states, nations, and continents.

Do not try to emulate or compare this move of the Spirit with any past revivals. This revival is unlike any other in purity, holiness, and power. Miracles and healings, signs and wonders, will become commonplace, not to you viewing them as a common work, but as to frequency they will occur almost constantly. For I do a new work in you, and though My goal is not to astound you, you will be astounded.

My goal is not to entertain you but to build you up an army that goes forth doing the works that I did, and greater works than these. It pleases My Father to choose you as one of those sheep nations that will do His will and allow the world to see that He is truly Almighty God and that Satan is minuscule in comparison.

I am raising you up as those who went before Jehoshaphat who won the battle for Judah by praising and exalting Me. It is time for true worship to come forth from My church. True worship that terrorizes the enemy and releases My glory in waves of unquenchable and unstoppable majesty. The earth has never seen My majesty like it will in these last days. But this I have chosen before I laid the foundations of the earth.

So repent of every sin and the weights that beset you, hinder you, and torment you. Remove your idols from your land. Be the holy people of God I have called you to be and do that which I have called you to do. Awaken Wales. Put off your slumber.

Rise up in My love and reveal My goodness to Scotland, Ireland, and England. Awaken, the appointed time has come. Go forth with My invasion army that flows from Scotland into Europe. So rise up and awaken the rest that My love will be revealed to an entire continent and then to the world. Rise up. Your time is now. RISE UP.