September 2015, Year of Jubilee for Wales - Rick Ridings

Lord as we prepare to come to the end of what is called a Shemitah Year, in the understanding of most, a year of letting the land go fallow, to restore and redeem the land, we come to the Jubilee Year. So we proclaim today over Wales a Jubilee Year! Let this be a year of reclaiming all that the enemy has stolen. Let it be a year of returning all that has been lost or has been stolen or taken away in any way whatsoever. Let this be a Jubilee Year. Let it be a year of freedom, a year of reclaiming inheritance.

So we thank you Lord for a generation that will build upon this great inheritance. Not only just look back at it as something wonderful that You did, but to look at it as something wonderful that You did and are able to build upon and to take further. So we declare today over Wales, "Wales, this is a Year of Jubilee! This a year of freedom! This a year of restoration! This is a year of redemption! This is a year of reclaiming that which the enemy has stolen!"

We thank you Lord for the wonderful concept of this Year of Jubilee in the scriptures, and we thank you Lord that it is something that we are grafted into as gentiles. We're grafted into this rich root and part of that rich root is the understanding that You are a God who restores, who redeems, who reclaims, who cuts off that which the enemy has done, which seems to be cycles of evil and difficulties.

But You break those cycles and there can be new beginnings - jubilee means new beginnings and breaking of old cycles. So we proclaim over the families represented in this room a breaking of any kind of wrong cycles, or repetitive cycles of sin, or repetitive cycles of family relations breaking apart, or whatever the enemy has stolen in each of those areas.

We proclaim over these families today - Jubilee.
We proclaim over this state - Jubilee.
We declare over the Bible College - Jubilee.
We declare over Wales - Jubilee.

Jubilee ... Jubilee... This is a year of the Lord's favor. This is a year of the Lord's restoration, a year of the Lord's redemption. And the redemption of this property is simply a sign from You, Lord. That it would come right at this time, right at the time of Jubilee, is a sign from You, oh God, that You have a plan for Wales that is not finished.

Greater things are yet to come. Greater things are still to be done. We thank you Lord for the wonderful heritage, the wonderful past that has blessed all of our lives so deeply. But we thank you Lord You've not blessed us to just sit around and talk about the blessing, You've blessed us to go forth with the blessing and be a blessing to the nations.

And we declare that Wales will once again be a great blessing to the nations. Wales will once again be a great blessing to the nations. Wales will once again have fresh songs of Life and Revival coming forth that will go forth into the nations and bless those nations. We declare this Year of Jubilee over Wales.

Wales, this is your time, this is your hour, this is your Jubilee! Arise Wales! Arise into your destiny! Arise into your calling! Build upon the rich past to go forth into the future and into the purposes, to not stop short of the full purposes of God. Not to bring forth just 30-fold or 60-fold or even 90-fold, but to bring forth the 100-fold that God has planned for Wales.

Let it come forth, we say. Let it come forth in the Mighty Name, in the power of the Lord Jesus, of Yeshua, who is Lord of the Jubilee. Who is the Lord who redeems, who restores, who reclaims. We thank You for this oh Lord, in the mighty name of Jesus, in the mighty name of Yeshua. Amen.