Oct 1999, "Tiny Wales, MIGHTY GOD", Catherine Brown

I saw the nation of Wales and a tiny chapel become illumined in the Glory of God. Indeed I saw the land in Wales broken up and the ground prepared for this mighty ouptouring.

Tiny tiny Wales, mighty mighty God.

"This day says the Lord, I am sending the Song of Revival into the hearts of this tiny nation, and I will use the broken and the humble vessels. I have sent to you little Wales, Elijah and Gideon, I have sent to you Deborah. I will appropriate the past mantles of the prophets on you tiny nation and you shall march out carrying the Banner of My Glory says the Lord. I am sending you out little Gideon.

Where I have visited before I shall visit again and you shall not be able to measure this outpouring of My Glory. There will be no misappropriation of the anointing, for those who will carry this Glory will be purified as gold, My humble servants. Those who would seek to misappropriate My Glory will be removed from this revival as they are unable to be used by Me.

And see the Day of Lament has passed and the Song of the Lord shall rise from this land once more. I have sent Deborah to wage a mighty war in my name, and I am releasing women and the children to go forth in the Glory and they shall slay the Barak's as the tent pegs are stretched, as My Glory comes down, as your cords and stakes are moved beyond the boundaries man has set, your greatest expectation I shall exceed. I will overcome you in Love and you will seek in reverential fear to hide from My beauty and My Majesty, but see in tenderness I will draw you out. Fear not the mighty anointing, fear not, for I will fill only those vessels who are willing to pay the price; who are willing to share in My sacrifice; who are willing to be hidden completely in Me, who will give Me all the glory and will not even seek one portion for their flesh. Upon these hidden ones I shall confer a double portion as Elisha received.

I will visit many places My Spirit has gone before, indeed I will visit where I purpose and My Spirit shall go where He is welcomed and unconstrained, but for today I am uncapping the ancient wells. Wells that you have cried to me in desperation would be opened, yet you knew not how. So I have sent you Elijah and I have sent you Gideon and Deborah, and they shall be my chosen vessels to open up the wells. They are not the revival but they will be used of Me to usher in the Glory. I am come with My Grace to this land, rise up Men of God and valiant be, rise up Men of God who are hidden in Me, rise up sons of Thunder and raise a mighty shout, rise up beloved ones and carry My Glory out.

The Person of My Spirit is come. My Kingdom is come. Prophesy to the four corners of the earth, for the visitation of My Glory is come.

Tiny Wales-- you who are broken, you who are humbled--See, your Father lifts you up and exalts you before all men and all nations. I shall send forth the revival flames once more from your shores.

Expect new things, but see me also in tradition. I am come. I am come. I am come, I am the Ancient of Days."

Oh Father bless precious Wales. Bless precious Wales. Send your Spirit for the sake of Christ. Send your Spirit for the sake of Christ. Send your Spirit for the sake of Christ. Amen.

PART II TINY WALES, MIGHTY GOD (Part II is a slight correction and interpretation of the prophetic word)

Last night in the 'wee small hours' I agonised over wondering if I had made a terrible mistake in the word the Lord gave me for Wales. I know full well that Deborah did not slay Barak, indeed it was Jael who slew Sisera and yet somehow I did not 'see' what I had written at the time of testing/posting. I prayed about it, repenting if was in error, not understanding why the prophetic word for Wales, spoke of Deborah slaying Barak. I asked the Spirit of God to show me in His Word the explanation for the use of such terminology. I believe the Lord in His Wisdom permitted me to remain 'blind' in order that He might bring forth the following revelation. The Lord led me to a specific page within a book on the Welsh revival and I believe this is what He has shown:

Evan Roberts on 3 November 1904 met at Moriah with a number of chldren to pray "Send the Holy Spirit to Moriah for Jesus' sake." He spoke on that evening on, "Ask, and it shall be given you." "These things must be believed", he said, "if the work is to succeed. We must believe in a conquering Christ who is able to defeat all opposition." Evan was compelled to press the point with more boldness than he had ever felt before." (extract taken from "The World Aflame" Rick Joyner).

These words I believe hold the key to the prophetic revelation. Evan Roberts understood that WE MUST BELIEVE IN A CONQUERING CHRIST WHO IS ABLE TO DEFEAT ALL OPPOSITION. Without that knowledge he knew there would be no sustained revival, for man's eyes would not be fixed on Christ and His victory won for us, but rather on the things of the flesh, and/or opposition from the enemy. Barak almost made a grave mistake. When he first heard the Lord's instruction to go and fight the enemy commander and his army, his initial response was not faith but fear and denial of the power of God. Through Deborah the Lord was instructing Barak to go and take on the 10,000 men of Naphtali and Zebulun and to lead the way to Mount Tabor.

Barak was not prepared to enter the battle trusting God. He replied to Deborah "If you go with me, I will go; but if you don't go with me, I won't go." Judges 4:8 The spirit within Barak did not believe in a conquering God who was able to defeat all opposition. Barak placed more belief in Deborah by his side than in the Lord God of Hosts as his strong deliverer. He had no revelation of the battle belonging to God, nor of the power that was in him being greater than the power in this world. Further, Barak was concerned for his flesh. The Lord is bringing together an end time army who will "love not their own lives unto death".

This is the revelation within the prophetic word for revival in Wales that we must understand. Without our eyes firmly fixed on Jesus as the risen victorious Christ, we will not be able to be used in the Lord's army against his enemy's. The fear of man must be slain, lack of faith/disbelief must be slain and the greater glory of God must become our ultimate goal if "the work [revival] is to succeed". We will surely perish without this foundation in Christ. The end time army will be a fearless, anointed army with no trace of the 'spirit' and rights to self within Barak. To be anything less that completely focused on the Lord and His awesome power will mean we are in danger of missing the commission set before us. It must be in His strength alone and completely dependent on Him that we move forward into revival. There are 'giants' that must be slain and it is only hidden in Christ and abandoned to His precious Spirit that we may be used to re-enforce the victory of Calvary.

Within God's Holy Word we come to understand how the enemy commander Sisera was killed by Jael - we are shown the defeat of the 'enemy without'. The Lord in His loving mercy is giving us a further 'key' - in studying Barak's responses and actions we are given some insight into the 'enemy within' - our sinful concern for our flesh, and our carnal doubts and lack of faith and belief in the nature and character of God as the Lord of Hosts.

I therefore believe we must repent of the sins that Barak walked in and ask the Lord for forgiveness. The Spirit will bring this conviction and through the Deborah anointing He will release those with a similar spirit to Barak. The end time army must march out in faith having sought the Lord with all of their heart, for there is no time for half hearted commitment or poorly shod armour or any amount of self-reliance. The warfare will intensify and we must be prepared in Him, willing to lay down our lives at any cost to see His Kingdom established in all the earth, and millions of souls won for Jesus.

"Father, I thank you for this lesson in humility and for your Mercy to your children. I thank you personally for showing me new depths of reliance on you and ask that only what is of you remain. Forgive me Lord, should there be any error in the Word I have delivered, and my heart's cry remains, 'Lord, don't let me harm the Body', my greatest desire is to do your will. Father, show us by your Spirit where we continue in our carnal ways, when you would have us abandon these rights to self before your cross. Lead us in repentance, teach us how to yield to your precious Spirit, cleanse and purify us and anoint us with power from on high for your greater glory. In Jesus name, Amen"
In humility, Catherine Brown 30.10.99