December 2003, The Sifting-Wales sprinkled with gold from heaven, Catherine Brown

The Sifting

I saw the Lord in a vision. He was holding a large sieve in his and hands and was sprinkling golden powder all over the nation of Wales. The land was literally sprinkled with gold from heaven. What is the gold of heaven? On this occasion, the gold is symbolic of the blessed and manifest presence of Jesus Christ evidenced in signs and wonders, the greatest of these being salvations and healings. The gold was poured out through a sieve - sifting is a Biblical process, which releases praise, glory and honor to Christ. I believe there are those in Wales who have experienced sifting; it has been costly, has caused ruination to the flesh, and is a preparation for the wonderful outpouring that is yet to come to the land of Wales.

"In this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials. These have come so that your faith - of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire - may be proved genuine and may result in praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed." 1 Peter 1:6,7

 As the Lord sprinkled Wales I noticed there were particularly heavy deposits of the gold in the mining villages and valleys although cities were by no means excluded. As I peered more closely at the contents of the sieve, I was intrigued by the fact that the gold was mixed with black, sooty dust. I asked the Lord what the black substance was and he replied,

 "Child, this is coal. This nation has known the cost and paid the price of deep excavation and the personal sacrifices of mining generations past in this nation are not forgotten by me. Many of these dear ones who gave their lives, were God chasers. Chasing the breakthrough both in the natural and in the Spirit. That which was mined previously in the Spirit will be poured out in abundance again. I am redeeming and restoring their families. Where generations were once Godly and have lost their way and forgotten their Christian roots, I am calling them again to be a holy people. I will restore families in the next revival outpouring in Wales. I will call whole families with a swift and sudden outpouring of my Spirit.

 Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary
 I will gather folks spontaneously into buildings, some of which will be churches; others will be in the public arena. In shops and pubs and football stadiums I will move on my people. People will be seen on the streets travailing under the weight of conviction of sin. I am the Father of Wales and I am calling my people back to my loving embrace. Anointed preaching will fill schools and pulpits, clubs and sports halls alike. I will raise up child prodigals. There is nowhere that my Spirit will be unable to move. I will use the media to release the sound of heaven. Ordinary men and women will give testimony of lives restored and healed. This revival will be marked by the fact that many ordinary folks will be used to further my glory. In me, the ordinary becomes the extraordinary. It is by my Grace that this revival will be birthed and will remain more than a brief visitation. It is through surrender to my Spirit and by living holy lives that the revival outpouring will be maintained and I will make Wales a place of my continued habitation. In the prisons and hospitals I will move with unexpected speed and great power. Those whom society has labeled as delinquents and dropouts, vandals and vagabonds, I will use to boldly proclaim my Kingdom. Their testimonies will tell of my goodness and my loving kindness.

 I will flood Wales with my Presence. This is a glory outpouring that no man has engineered and all men have longed for. I am sovereign in my timing and hold the destiny of nations in my hands. This is the time for Wales to shine her light as a beacon of hope in the nations. This is a holy moment and a momentous one as my Kingdom erupts like a holy virus; I will infect the people and the land of Wales and by my Spirit they will become contagious with the Kingdom. People will come to Wales and carry the anointing back to their respective nations. People will go out from Wales and take this glory outpouring to other lands. Police and politicians, children and elderly, schooled and unschooled, rich and poor, I will touch all areas of society and heal! This revival will be marked not only by the restoration of families but also by miracle healings.

 Witchcraft Broken

 I will break the power of witchcraft in Wales, along with the bondage of sin and deception, and I will be worshipped in Spirit and Truth. The Brecon beacons will become a source of True spiritual light in the nation as youth take to the high places to shine my radiant Light through anointed praise and sacrificial worship. I am raising up an army of radical worshipping warriors to dethrone the false gods that have stolen my rightful place of adoration in the hearts of many.

 I am seeking nations who desire my continual habitation and who are willing to pay the price of embracing the Mercy seat. I call you Wales not to a reputation as a maverick, but to a reputation as marvelous, revealing my mighty Name and works through servant hood and compassion. Maverick thinking could lead to a loss of my presence, because Maverick thinking is independent thinking and I call you to unity and blessing.

 Southern Wales is a Cradle

 I call the south of Wales a cradle. For Llanelli to Newport is ready and prepared as tinder to be an ignition point for the next move of my Spirit. The cradle is a place of desperation and holy prevailing love and prayer. A place prepared for my fire and by my holy fire to revive the church and save the lost. A cradle rocks and that which is established in the south will rock the globe. A cradle is also the place where a tiny child is embraced. From this cradle my Fatherhood will be displayed to comfort the nations and the fatherless children. Many will find the Spirit of sonship and divine acceptance and adoption in this cradle. It is the place of my tender embrace. The cradle is a place where the multitudes will find salvation.

The fire will be lit in the cradle of south Wales and will go up and through the land like wildfire. Cardigan to Pembroke will be known as a sanctuary and a place of shelter and rest and the ancient anointings will become evident in a new generation of monastic saints.

 The fire will go up into Colwyn bay and rush into Birkenhead and Liverpool making a massive impact on drug trafficking because of the sheer numbers of new converts being swept into the Kingdom at this time. A mighty prayer movement will come out of the Wirral, which will affect the destinies of nations. The fire of my presence will be carried into the Caribbean and Jamaica will be deeply affected by my glory. I call Jamaica from passivity into perseverance as a pioneer nation of the Faith. I release my grace on Jamaicans to endure persecution for my namesake, for the spirit of martyrdom rests upon Jamaica in this hour. I am even now preparing the hearts of some of the most hardened Yardie drug lords to receive salvation. That which the enemy has determined to relegate as rubbish for all eternity, I will redeem for there is nothing and no-one beyond my saving grace. The fruit of these blood washed lips will produce world class evangelists whom I will send into every continent to rescue the ravaged of society.

 Dividing Lines Dissolve!

 I hear the phrase "meltdown on the borders". The national dividing lines will become almost indistinguishable because of the Spirit of unity that will exist between England and Wales. Cheshire and Chester will embrace the fire. Cornwall will come into her destiny as Kingdom Celts during the outpouring of fire in Wales. London and Wales will link up for Kingdom gatherings.

 Ultimately there will also be Kingdom collaboration between Scotland and Wales on a national Christian leadership level, however, ancient mistrusts must be laid to rest at the Cross and new relational alliances continue to be built upon. Ongoing communication will be essential to maintain unity between Wales and Scotland. The enemy would seek to wreck the potential of these two nations' unity through miscommunication and lack of communication. I have decreed that three flames shall burn brightly as a synergy of my Spirit encompasses Wales, Ireland and Scotland. The Celtic nations must learn to embrace each other and to release each other. England is not divorced from this process, but must permit the process of heavenly arbitration and council to flow amongst the Celts.

 Holyhead and Anglesey are gateways into Dublin. Dublin will receive the fire from Wales and Ireland will be ignited with a worship move that will stun the world. Dublin will become a worship gateway to the globe. Anointed minstrels will teach in New Millennium worship schools.

 A Resurgence of Revival Anointing

 I have prepared a bridge in the Spirit between Birmingham and the central belt in Wales. In Powys and Dyfed in the southwest, many will be received in love as ambassadors from other nations come to Wales. I have seeded hospitality in the heart of Wales. The heart of Wales will bring connectivity to the nation and will be a place of reconciliation and restoration.

 This indicates a resurgence of revival anointing in Wales. It is not that we are to look to the past for the next move of God, but the Lord has a way of opening ancient wells in addition to opening new ones. We want to learn from our forefathers and bless what God has established as Kingdom foundations through the faithful prayers and selfless acts of our forefathers. Isaac was a man who re-opened the wells of blessing his Father Abraham had been responsible for digging, while Isaac also dug new wells.

"Isaac reopened the wells that had been dug in the time of his father Abraham, which the Philistines had stopped up after Abraham died, and he gave them the same names his father had given them. Isaac's servants dug in the valley and discovered a well of fresh water there." Gen 26:18,19

 Resistance to the Heavenly Outpouring

 As the vision continued, dust like golden rain fell from the heavens. On the earth two people were walking along a path. One resisted the heavenly outpouring by putting up an umbrella. The umbrella obscured this person from the golden dust. Instead of being covered by God the person was insulated in the world and remained blind to the blessing. I am reminded that we can only receive that which we perceive. This is part of the mystery of the Kingdom.

 Surrender to the Blessing

 Another person did not resist the heavenly outpouring, but rather stood and bathed in the golden rain falling from heaven. Blessing after blessing and deep unfathomable joy was poured out on this willing heart. This person speaks of those who will perceive and receive the Kingdom of God and every blessing contained therein.

 "Though you have not seen him, you love him; and even though you do not see him now, you believe in him and are filled with an inexpressible and glorious joy, for you are receiving the goals of your faith, the salvation of your souls." 1 Peter 1:8,9

 The Spirit indicated that there will be actual manifestations of gold dust and other supernatural appearances of gold, and small gems (I see tiny rubies, diamonds and emeralds), which cannot be rationally explained away but are an indication of acceleration of God's Kingdom come in Wales, and a sign of the blessing and favor our heavenly Father is releasing on the people of Wales for revival.

 As I have prepared this article, a spirit of intercession has been heavily upon me and I have been overcome with the Lord's compassion and wept great rolling tears calling out to Father for the church and for the lost.

 "Father, in the name of Jesus, I ask that you loose a mighty wave of intercession and liquid prayers that will burst the mercy floodgates of heaven open that Jesus would be exalted in Wales and that the manifest presence of Christ by your Spirit, would be poured out on Wales. I join my petitions to the many millions that have gone before and ask that you would come with a visitation and habitation of your Holy Spirit to the land of Wales again as it enters into centenary celebration of the 1904 100-year revival. I speak blessing over the people of Wales and ask that you use this prophesy Lord, to ignite fresh faith in a million believers for a fresh revival outpouring in this tiny land that is a hinge pin in your eyes." Amen

 Grace and peace to you and yours.
 Your sister and servant in Christ,
 Catherine Brown