2009, Wales - the daffodil, is the trumpet, John Scotland

Two things struck me tonight. The first thing was the daffodil. I used to sell flowers, so I learned a little bit during those years selling flowers. The daffodil is known as the trumpet. It has something to do with Wales, and St. Davids. It is the trumpet.

And I just heard the Lord saying to me, "This nation is going to be the trumpet. This nation is going to be the trumpet to awaken the U.K."
 In the bible they used the trumpet to tell them when to move camp. They used the trumpet to gather the people for war. And I really believe this is a significant, very significant symbol. It's the first…, well…, it's the trumpet ... the trumpet. 

Let Wales be the trumpet! Let Wales be the trumpet. Let the sound, let the awakening, let the great awakening start from this nation, and overflow to England, to Scotland, to Ireland. And across the channel, across the channel, across the channel, across the channel to mainland Europe, and to my German friends. Oh, God bless you!