March 2017, Wales covered in mist of God's glory, Fredia Hanson

I will cover Wales with the mist of My Glory. Once more, the land shall see My rainbow everywhere they look. My promise to My people is more than not being destroyed, but a promise of the future with Me. I will raise up My seeds in this barren land, to go forward and replenish the land with My presence.

Those who are planting the seeds and interceding will see the fruit of their labor. As they have walked in obedience so shall they reap in abundance. The tidal wave has started to move, the beaches are being prepared for war, and the battle is at hand.

The victory is not to be dismissed and put aside. The time is here for the prize to remain in full vision of the world, there will be no compromising again.

The kingdom will rise to its fullest potential and overcome the earth. All those who resist will perish and I will prevail as in the days of James, John, Paul, and Peter. Do not forsake your mission. Go forth for the prize is already won.