Sept 1998, Keys of Revival for Wales, Willie Soans

In Wales the Father's house is locked. Someone locked the Father's home and threw away the keys. Over the years that have passed by, the keys have gone deeper and deeper, as the dust of the ages, the dust of tradition and formalism has settled over the keys to the Father's home. So much so that the ground above the keys has become hard and solid and, at times, impenetrable.

Then I saw a great shaking beginning to start. It as as if a great earthquake came upon the land - this was very sudden and quick. The earth opened up, and deep down in the ground, still shining and clean were seen the keys. The moment the keys came to be seen the shaking stopped.

(When I prayed this morning the Lord gave me a sense that this shaking would start within the church. Many leasders will change - new ones will take their place. God may even call some leaders home. But there will be new leaders whom God has been preparing quietly, without many noticing I had a sense that these leaders will have a heart for change and unity).

After the shaking stopped, I saw that the keys were too deep and too far for one man to go down and get it. If anyone would try that, they would get killed - it was so dangerous. So I saw men come together. It seems they already knew what to do. They slowly formed a human chain. Each man carefully holding the others hand, the formed a long chain till the line reached the bottom and I saw an insignificant man pick up the keys. There was great joy as this happened and people began to become ecstatic and dance.

When I saw the keys I was very surprised. I had never seen these kinds of keys before. They were not easy to carry.

1. The first key I saw was a broken key. It was broken and only half of it was seen. (As I prayed the Lord told me this was the key of brokenness and humility, without which NO other key in the lock in the Father's home would work. This was the first key that had to be inserted into the lock before any other key. It was only as the people got contrite before the Lord that this brokenness and humility would set the levers in the lock to start turning). This key made way for the next.

2. The second key was in the shape of a pair of outstretched hands. The Lord showed me that this was the key of intercession and weeping and asking the Lord for the land. Without this key, the next key would not work. This key seemed very heavy and cumbersome. It was uncomfortable to carry alone, many had to carry this key together, and also to use it together in the lock in the Father's house.

3. The third key was made of gold and it was beaten into the shape of a harp. This was the key called Praise and Worship. In face, the strings on the harp still sounded clear after so many years. It seemed to me that each string on the harp was important, and not just anyone could use this key to open the lock. Only those who knew the certain sounds and their combinations, only they could come and use this key to open the lock. This key made way for the next key...

4. The fourth key was a very long key. It was really long and lengthy. The Lord told me that this key was the key of evangelism. This was a unique key, and a great wave of evangelism would sweep the country. Many foreigners (particularly not Welsh people) were holding this key. Wave after wave of evangelism came to be released through this key.

5. The last key was hidden and I could not see what key this was and how it could be used.

The Lord is about to do something that is beyond our imaginations for Wales. This is indeed the 'Kairos' time for this Nation.

The following is a dream given to Pastor Willie Soans at 6.10 am on Sunday 7th September 1998 whilst staying at Peter Rees' home during the Powys Prayer Conference. Willie was one of the main speakers at the Conference. He is part of an apostolic team responsible for 15,000 believers in the New Life Church in Bombay, India.