July 1997, Dawning of a Revival Generation, Steve Morgan

In former days I visited your land with proclamation and power. Great and marvellous deeds were done amongst you. Waves of repentance swept over many souls and my kingdom increased and advanced. But my Church refused to be broken from the chains that bound it. My Church wanted to serve its own plans. My Church continued to worship the traditions of men. My Church continued to argue and divide - to prefer weakness rather than my power. I wept over your land and gave it over to the principalities and powers that it chose to worship.

In these days, I have called a people to be faithful to me. I desire to visit this land again and to set it free from the spiritual forces that have been given the authority by a Church that has been unfaithful to me. I will call many to live a life of Spirit-filled power. I will raise them up in THEIR churches to lead MY Church. My people will come together and lay down at the foot of the cross of my son all that has divided them. My people will come to me, not because of what I can do for them, but because they will be consumed with the desire to serve me and of the joy of seeing my will break through and break out in the nation. My people will know my strength in their weakness - they will know how much they must suffer for my name - for as they share in my sufferings they will share in my glory - my people will grow and become the parents of a revival generation. The revival generation will have spiritual parents who will guide them and lead them into my service and glory.

I desire to bring a revival which will remain and not be extinguished - a revival which will grow and prepare the way for the return of my son. I offer you this day the knowledge of these things and choose you to be the heralds of this new dawn. Come, my children, and fulfil your destiny - the purpose for which I gave you life.